I Got Myself A Man (Episode 6)

By Ikenga Chronicles February 5, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 6)

I couldn’t sit still. I’d never wanted anything so badly in my life. And I was determined. One way or another, I was going to marry Nathan.

“You have to meet my dad soon baby,” he said, throwing the wet towel on the bathroom handle. “Get ready to meet my dad, he will be glad to meet you.”

I was still mute, still in deep admiration of his fine body.

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“Did you hear me baby?” he asked. I nodded calmly.

He wore his boxers, then he dressed up. He ran a hand through my mass of hair, “Let me get some stuff for dinner.” He pulled his trouser zip and stepped out into the hot yellow sunshine of the mid-afternoon.

I smiled to myself, how lucky I was to own a man who goes to the market and cooks without complaints. I was more interested in this kind of man than anything else, he was all I wanted.

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The entire relationship with Nathan was just so exciting. Five years ago, I’d caught my ex-boyfriend Taiwo with a woman who happened to be his neighbour. He told me to my face, right before her, that he was marrying her because she cooked him good meals, while all I did was work. I begged him so much. I was ready to give up my job for Taiwo. And now, God blessed me with a man who is everything Taiwo and every other man wasn’t.

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I longed to meet Nathan’s father. All I wanted was for my love to be reciprocated. And if he treats me like a daughter, I would forever cherish him and love him like my own father.

Our first meeting was brief, but joyous.

Nathan had driven me in my car to Odukpani to see him. An old man with so much agility. He was sitting on a cane chair, under a mango tree, right in front of his house. He stood up when he saw us drive into the compound.

“Natho, my son,” he said aloud excitedly, as he walked and gave Nathan a warm hug. He stared at me suspiciously.

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“That’s my wife to be papa,” Nathan said.

“Ah! our wife to be! she looks so homely, come my daughter,” he said excitedly and held open his arms and  hugged him firmly.

He held my hands and led us to his empty bungalow. He served us Fanta and Heineken. I sipped the Fanta gradually until it finished, while he kept asking me questions about my job and family.

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“I am a security guard at a primary school here in Odukpani,” he said. “My wife had only my son for me. I wish she had more children, so that I would see beautiful people like you around me more often.”

“Don’t worry papa, we will give you plenty grand children,” Nathan said.

After a few moments, we left Papa Ededet’s house. We were excited because we’d sorted out the second thing we had on our agenda before our wedding date was fixed.

Nathan wanted a simple wedding, something private and not too expensive. He didn’t want me spending so much on our wedding. He’d supported with the little he had from the salaries I usually gave him monthly.

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After our wedding in court, we would employ a new cleaner, while he stays at home for a while, I would look for a better job that suits his personality as my husband.

Few weeks later, we got married in court before we headed home for my small traditional marriage. We didn’t want to pull a crowd, but few of my colleagues at the office attended and celebrated with Nathan and I.

I saw the smile on mama’s face, she was so happy to see me in my traditional George wrapper.

“You look beautiful Adiaha,” Mama said excitedly.

“You’re not angry anymore that I’m married to a short man enh?”

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“No o. I’m not. I wasn’t thinking right at all,” Mama said laughing out loud.

After we’d celebrated and everyone went back to their different destinations, Nathan and I were left alone to make our first decision. We’d talked about getting a cleaner. A male cleaner. But Nathan suggested what I never liked.

“I won’t be comfortable with a male worker in our house, especially around you.”

“Why the insecurities baby?”

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“I am your husband, we won’t have a male helper in our house,” he said, turning his eyes away.

I wanted peace. So I asked, “What do you want?”

“I will get my cousin at Odukpani to come help for a while until we can find someone who can work with us permanently,” he said boldly.

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“Okay. If he is a relation, no problem,” I said without having a second thought.

He held my hands firmly and said, “Thank you baby, God bless you for being understanding, some women would have argued this to the end, but you’re not like them.”

Marriage life began with Nathan and I, and I felt a bit relieved, for the first time in a long while.