I Got Myself A Man (Episode 4)

By Ikenga Chronicles January 11, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 4)

I arrived my apartment early the next day. Mama’s meals have always been really delicious, so I took some of them with me.

“We haven’t finished talking about that young man,” Mama said lightly as I was packing my bags.

“We will come see you soon Mama,” I said calmly.

“Your soon should be soon o,” she murmured and walked away.

At my house, I always felt comfortable and saved–saved from mama and my sister’s nagging about having a husband.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 3)

As I stepped into my sitting room, the sweet aroma of tomato stew was perceived from the kitchen. Nathan was at home that evening to make me a surprise dinner. I had given him the house key the last time we met. We had started being deeply intimate with each other, and I never wanted this one to slip away like the rest. I had to be kind to the man I love.

Hugging my arms over my chest in the soft dove grey sweater that I wore with my jeans, I found myself moving nervously across the room. I was looking for the best way to break the news that my mother demanded to see the man in my life in our next family dinner and reunion.

He looked at me searchingly, “is everything alright?” I nodded calmly.

“My mother wants me to bring home a man. I don’t know what else to do,” I said, pretending to be unhappy.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 2)

“Then take me to her,” he said.

I smiled as I descended on the bed. “You said you love me, take me to her. I love you too and you know it.”

My pulse jumped. “I didn’t know you were ready,” I said softly.

“Ready for what?” he asked.

“Ready to settle down. I hope you know that meeting mama means you’re ready to be married to me,” I said.

“Of course I am ready, the problem is money. I don’t have money for the kind of wedding you would love to have.”

“I can support you. Nobody will know about it.”

“Inameti,” he began, I watched with amusement as the way he called my real name for the first time knitted his brow. “You might feel bad that I can’t give you all that you need as your man, but I promise to do my best.”

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An emotion moved through me, I wasn’t ready to accept within me that I was thrilled. But I was deeply thrilled by his soft words.

“I will do all I can to make you a fulfilled happy woman. Take me to your mother,” he said thoughtfully and walked closer to me. I gave him a frosty little smile.

He gave me a slow, sensual smile which made my breath catch in my throat. I was still smiling when he lowered himself toward me and began to kiss my forehead and moved to my neck.

“You look almost edible,” he told me, staring appreciatively at the curves of my neat figure.

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“I made dinner,” he said. Then I laughed, a deep infectious laugh that sent odd, exciting sensations down my spine. He started to laugh too, with a careless, surprising abandon. I didn’t know why I laughed, but I was too happy, too excited that I was finally taking a man to Mama. Not just a man, a good man, not the typical ‘Nigerian Husband’. Nathan was uniquely different, unlike the rest of them all. He was perfect in bed, a good cook, a perfect cleaner, and extremely romantic.

At last, he finally gave me a simple kiss on my lips and exhaled quietly.

“Let me serve dinner my love,” he said.

“Okay. let me shower,” I responded.

As he walked away, I admired the way he walked until he closed the door.


His meals were always sumptuous as usual. The red wine was tasty too, it looked expensive.

Ghost Husband (Episode 6)

After we finished eating, he cleared the dishes. He took me by surprise when he lifted me in his arms to the room. I relaxed into the strength of his arms and allowed my head to fall back on his shoulder. He carefully laid me down and brought me a pillow and a quilt.

“Thank you,” I said without looking at his face. “You’ve been so nice to me.”

He didn’t respond. He brushed my hair away from my face and stared directly into my eyes.

“You’re more nice to me,” he finally said. I became calm at the sound of his voice. “You’ve been such an angel in my life. I am so privileged to have you baby.”

Fine Outside; Ugly Inside

He offered me the best kiss I have ever had. It was as if I had been offered an angel on a platter of gold.

“Where have you been all my life?” I whispered against his ears.

You’ve heard of that fairytale love? It exists.