I Got Myself A Man (Episode 10)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 1, 2018

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 10)

It was the anguish in her voice that finally stilled me. I held my breath as I looked up at Doctor Judith, the space between us crackling with tension. I was sure she was able to hear the sound of my pounding heart. It was pounding so hard it deafened me to everything else.

“Inameti, his name is Nathan. He and his wife and his four children used to be my patients at my former hospital in Eket. He even came to us a year ago for a

“What’s a vasectomy?” I asked in a shaky tone.

“it’s a surgery to cut the vas deferense. These are the tubes that carry a sperm from testicles to the urethra. After a vasectomy, sperm cannot move out of the testes. A man who has had a successful vasectomy cannot make a woman pregnant.”

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I closed my eyes, lulled by the tension of the moment. I heard the tempo of my breathing quicken, as the words of doctor Judith replayed again in my head.

“In all these, you mean that my husband has been married, or is still married to someone else with children?” I asked, shock waves ran up my entire body.

Doctor Judith stretched her hands across the table and held mine.

“Inam, I swear to God. These man and his wife have been my patient for eight good years.”

“Did he give you reasons why he had to take out to do the surgery?”

“He only said he didn’t want more babies. Listen Inameti,” She held my hands more firmly. “I am not suppose to tell you all of these, I could lose my license for it, but I have been your doctor and friend for years, I know what you’ve been through. I will be so heartless if I don’t tell you this.”

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I could feel the cold recede as welcome heat seeped back into my skin. I stared at doctor Judith silently for moments, like I was reading something on her face. I wished at that moment that all she said were in a dream, but unfortunately, it was real. I was sitting right in her office, and she was telling me unbelievable things about my husband whom I sacrificed all I had earned for. I was ready to sacrifice more for this love.

A few minutes later, I found myself standing outside the hospital, just by my car. Doctor Judith held my hands tight.

“Take things easy Inameti, get to know why all of these is happening.” She said, patting my back with one hand.

“Do you know where his wife stays?” I asked softly.

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“No dear.”

I got into my car with pains in my heart. I was more than ready to leave the hospital to a place I would be able to think. My head was pounding and there was a queer, unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. Needing a moment’s quiet, I drove to a bar and had few shots of tequila. Welcoming the freshness of the cool afternoon, perhaps I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital that day.

My phone suddenly rang, and my heart plummeted when I saw that it was Nathan. My hands shook when I picked the call and placed the phone to my ears.


“Hello Darling, what time will you be coming back? I want to make you a special palatable dinner.” He said huskily.

I giggled crazily, it was unusual of me.

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“I won’t be back today baby, I’ve got meetings, I will be back in the morning. let’s make our special dinner tomorrow.” I said, trying hard to control my emotions.

“Where will you be lodging?” He asked.

“Midtown.” I replied mildly.

“Take care of yourself and know that I love you very much. I will be at the restaurant till evening.”

I closed my eyes nodding.

“Okay.” I said and hung up the call.

I took the last shot of the tequila and I realized I’d taken enough. My eyes were getting blurry. I couldn’t move my legs, I was tipsy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive back to the office. So, I took a cab to the office and locked myself in there for hours. Thinking of all the things Doctor Judith said about Nathan. Part of me thought she wasn’t saying the truth, and the other part thought she was.

I got up immediately and took a cab back home, I’d forgotten some files at home. The ones I had to present to my clients that night.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 6)

Not surprisingly, I felt the onset of another headache as soon as I stepped into my compound. The gate was already open and I’d wondered why. A bit influence from the tequila I’d taken had left me.
From the gate, I could hear loud moans from a woman, a girlish moan. Then I turned to the backyard to be sure of where the moan was coming from. My heart trembled when I realized the noise was from my room.

I slid my curtain open from the window and my eyes caught the most wonderful torturous scene. It was Nathan and the restaurant accountant, they were having sex on our matrimonial bed. I spared a glance for the hurtful scene and walked away.

I was surprised to see the compassion rather than annoyance reflected there.
And even if I was to get pissed about all these, what would it have been for? Nothing, meaningless.