Goodbye 2016: Let Go or Be Dragged into 2017

By Ikenga Chronicles December 28, 2016

Goodbye 2016: Let Go or Be Dragged into 2017

We have come to the end of an extremely turbulent, chaotic, deeply difficult and at times heart-achingly sad year on so many levels.

It isn’t often that we reach the end of a year and want to truly celebrate the closing of it and lock the door, but 2016, despite many highlights, has most definitely been one of those messy, stressful, exhausting and disappointing ones for so many of us.

2016 had its own unique theme running through the entirety of it, which has likely left us feeling a little wary and edgy, but at the same time hopeful and looking forward to the magic and mystery that 2017 is about to bring.

We now have a choice.

We can lovingly choose to let go of all that 2016 delivered to us or we can be dragged into the new year with a heavy load on our backs filled with heartache, upset and quite a few regrets.

Although this year may have taken many of us by surprise, if we look a little closer at the energies of the year, it all begins to make sense.

2016 is a “9” year in numerology. Nine is an impulsive, highly charged, volatile, fiery, intense number that is ruled by the planet Mars. It signifies the completion of cycles and eras, emotional and karmic closure, sudden shocks and dramatic endings. The number 9 also signifies cutting ties that have been binding us, or tying up loose ends as well as gaining a profound understanding of our situations and the people around us so that we can find the compassion to open our hearts and forgive.

This is a significant period in our lives that is here to show us how to surrender to all that has happened so far and how to release the…


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