God’s Time Is Atiku’s Time

By Ikenga Chronicles February 12, 2019

God’s Time Is Atiku’s Time

—Remi Oyeyemi,

Once in a while, there is that need to take a step back and have a different look at issues and events as they unravel around you. It  gives the opportunity to extricate one’s self from the unconscious cocoon in which one has had himself or herself unwittingly wrapped. It gives an opportunity to rise above the bubble and have a more sobering assessment of what is going on.

Despite one’s agnosticism, it is very difficult to ignore or deny the hand of Providence in human affairs. In religious philosophical parlance, Providence has been postulated to mean the Supreme Being, the God Almighty. To this extent, when events occur about which there was no immediate explanation, it was either seen as the “work of God” or the “intervention of Providence.” Even, where there was an explanation, some attributions are still made to Providence, to God almighty.

Observing the events that are currently unraveling on the political stage of Nigeria and the political trajectory of the former Vice President, His Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, it is my view that Providence never ceased to intervene in his (Atiku’s) plans until it (Providence) thinks that the Waziri Adamawa was fully ready, which is now.

After the 1984/85 debacle of a Muhaamadu Buhari’s fascism, to which many of us are witnesses, one has had a settled view about his (Buhari’s) unsuitability for any leadership role in any format at any level. But since the return to democracy, something which Buhari hates with fervour, he has ironically offered himself for the Presidency of Nigeria three times before 2014/2015. Repeatedly, he was rejected at the polls for obvious reasons that have, once again, become self evident since he was given the chance in 2015.    

In the days, weeks and months leading to the 2015 Elections, many of us warned against electing Mohammadu Buhari as President of Nigeria because of his previous records of incompetence, corruption, nepotism, lack of knowledge and divisiveness. In 2015, it was evident that it was Buhari’s time. All the events have been arraigned in his favour. The stars, for whatever reasons, seemed to have crystallized in his corner. The voices of dissent were drowned in the dilating ardour of the moment. Obviously, it was his time to be given the chance. It was God’s time for Mohammadu Buhari.

Looking back, even those of us who were warning against his being elected then, now must give thanks to Providence, to God. If Buhari had not been elected in 2015, the fake integrity with which he was imbued by the Bola Ahmed Tinubu propaganda machine, would continued to be touted by his sentries. They would have continued to regale us with how wonderful Nigeria would have been with Buhari in charge. But now, we know that the man  Buhari is an empty drum with a loud noise. Thank God, thank Providence.

In 1999, there were many dissenting voices against the election of Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo. But, for whatever reasons, Providence had its own plans. Just like the Buhari who came several years after him to bid for the Aso Rock Residence, Obasanjo was everybody’s man and everybody was Obasanjo’s man. Today, as it is often said, the rest is history.

In the days leading to the June 12 Elections, Atiku became a household name after Ibrahim Babangida banned the class of General Shehu Yar’Adua from contesting, saying they were “old politicians.” He said he wanted “new breed” politicians. Atiku had stepped down for Chief M.K.O. Abiola after the first ballot at the Jos Convention of their Party then, the Social Democratic Party (SDP). It was not God’s time. It was not Atiku’s time.

In 1999, Olusegun Obasanjo and Olu Falae were conscripted by the system for the Presidency after the June 12 imbrobglio. Atiku was not even in the consideration because of the circumstances. It was because it was not God’s time. It was not yet Atiku’s time.

In same 1999, Obasanjo tapped him as his Vice President. Atiku accepted and was working hard to succeed Obasanjo. He was prepping himself and getting ready to take the mantle in 2003. He had the party. He had the governors. He had the wherewithal. But, once again, he stepped down for Obasanjo to the anger of many of his supporters. It was not God’s time. It was not Atiku’s time.

In 2007, Obasanjo was at that point engaged in many wars of attrition against Atiku. He maligned him. He discredited him. He characterized him in many unsavoury manners. He played him out of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’s nomination process. Obasanjo imposed Musa Yar’Ardua as President. Abubakar Atiku went to Action Congress (AC) to seek the Presidency. He was betrayed by Bola Ahmed Tinubu for a pot of porridge. He did not make it. It was not God’s time. It was not Atiku’s time.

In 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan’s time had come. Everything worked in his favour. The stars crystalised in his corner. The trees, the stones, the mountains, the hills, the rivers were all rooting for him. The heavenly soldiers were fighting his battles. The spirits and the ghosts would have none other. Nigerians wanted him. It was his time. For Atiku, it was not God’s time. It was not Atiku’s time.

In 2015, the certificateless hero of the anti corruption fame, imbued with false integrity and draped in the false tapestry of sainthood, gallivanted to the Presidency. Everything worked in his favour. He was hero worshipped. Despite his emptiness and his vacuous intellect, everyone wanted him. Against reason, everyone wanted him. Against evidence, everyone wanted him. Atiku faced Buhari off during the party primaries, he was played out. It was not God’s time. It was not Atiku’s time.

And here comes 2019. In the good book of Providence, of God almighty, past gaps have proved to be bounteous blessings. 

It is God’s time for Abubakar Atiku. It is Atiku’s time. The heavenly soldiers are fighting his battles. The Holy ghosts are on his side. The stars have crystalised in his corner. His enemies are coming to his side. His detractors are accepting him. Despite all blackmails, false accusations, names calling, slanders, mudslinging watts and all, it is God’s time. It is Atiku’s time. 

The people have woken up. The women have seen the light. The youths have had some tutoring. The men have truly grown up. The trees too, are dancing to the rhythm of the wind. The leaves are wiggling in joy. The birds of the sky are whistling with passion. The rivers are in frenzy. The mountains are moaning their ecstasy. All creatures, big and small, are in great zest. It is God”s time. It is Atiku’s time.

Nigerians are willing to try Atiku the way they tried Buhari. They want to give Atiku a chance. They want to see what he could do with the mandate that would become complete reality on February 16, 2019. Nothing anyone could say would change the mind of Nigerians. This is because, it is God’s time. It is Atiku’s time.

Even, internationally, all the powers have come together. They have sized up Mohammadu Buhari and have concluded on his lifelessness. They have witnessed his haplessness. They have seen his emptiness. They could all attest to his vacuousness. They have seen his incompetence, his corruption, his nepotism, his senility and destruction of the few institutions that matter to Nigeria. They have all settled on Abubakar Atiku. It is God’s time. It is Atiku’s time.

All the other powers of Creation, both temporal, physical and metaphysical have agreed in unison on this Abubakar Atiku’s Presidency. They are settled in their estimation that Nigerians need a reprieve. They know that only Abubakar Atiku would be able to tackle this task. There is no one who would be able to stop God. This is because it is God’s time. It is Atiku’s time.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) and their candidate, Mohammadu Buhari, could plan to rig the elections all they want. They could burn down as many INEC offices as they want. They could post many police officers to anywhere they want. They could mobilized the armed forces as much as they want and retire as many Generals as tbey want. It would be to no effect, because it is God’s time. It is Atiku time.

The APC could hire many social media rats as they want. They can bribe as many journalists as want. They could bring governors from Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad and Cameroons all they want.They would lose this election. This is because it is God’s time. It is Atiku’s time.

And if they refuse to hand over power; if they insist on forcing themselves on Nigeria and Nigerians; if they engage in official violence against the people because they are rejected at the polls, as it is certainly becoming more than clear that they would be rejected, then they would have to face unprecedented consequences that have never before seen in Nigeria’s history. This is because this is God’s time. It is Atiku’s time. 

It is God’s time. It is Atiku’s time.