Only God Takes Care Of Kids!

By Ikenga Chronicles January 12, 2018

Only God Takes Care Of Kids!

— Harrison Ayintete

“Only God Takes Care Of Kids!” The dumbest statement from the best of fools. So God enjoyed the sex for you? Ejaculated for you? So God takes your wife for ante-natal? Carries out a safe delivery? Breast feed the baby? Sends the kids on errand for you abi ?

1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

Why would you have a kid you simply will not cater for? You make the world difficult to live in. You raise frustrations all over the place.

Drunk In Blood: The Fraud Called “Pastor” Osinbajo

I have lost count of how many folks come to church, seek to have audience with me, tell me all manner of lies, just so I could give them #1000. People are really suffering!

And when you investigate the root of all these, they simply are fending for themselves! No family support. Father left mother. Mother married another man. Another man has a wife who hated her kids. Kids left the house to fend for themselves. Looking for Pastors to dupe; people’s purses to steal.

Since life is unfair, there is no need breaking the circle, or so it seems.

I am very angry when I see folks who are graduates, whose parents cannot even set them up in a decent work, empower them with some money, just because they gave birth to many of them and every one has to fend for himself.

How wicked are you? How about you give birth to ONE, that you can cater for, care for!

Lamentations Of A Nigerian Child – Just Put Off The Light

All these young people with huge dreams and ability needing help of #50,000, #100,000 and no one in the family can help! Needing a laptop. Android phone. Even small car to start taxi. They have no one to help.

Why is life so hard?

You got some other kids who are just very lazy. Laziness is God’s gift to them from heaven. Yet they drive around in sport cars, luxury rides, summer trips outside the country just because their parents made it so.

I have not said we cannot rise above our family challenges but I know it like I know it, WHEN YOU HAVE A FAMILY SUPPORT FROM THE SCRATCH, SUCCESS IS NOT DISTANT, WITH A LITTLE EFFORT.

And what’s worse?

It’s these kind of parents who did nothing for their kids that begin to send bills and siblings just when the child makes a head way!

Did you bring a parasitic spirit from heaven? It’s sad.