God, Lies, And Politics: Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Messianic Delusion

By Ikenga Chronicles January 5, 2018

God, Lies, And Politics: Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Messianic Delusion

–Vitus Ozoke
If it is true that God wants Pastor Tunde Bakare to run for president, as claimed by the pastor, then these are possible scenarios:

1. Tunde Bakare will be the next president of Nigeria because he will win,
2. Tunde Bakare will not be the next president of Nigeria, because he lied about God,
3. Tunde Bakare will not be the next president because even though God wants him to run for president, God does not want him to win.

Scenario #3 does not sound like what God does. Unless God does not particularly like Pastor Bakare, it is not like God to want anyone to do something he wants them to fail in. That is not what we are taught about God. In fact, that is utterly ungodly.

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So we are left with a binary here. It is either Pastor Bakare runs and wins the next presidential election in Nigeria, as God wants him to, or Pastor Bakare runs and loses the next presidential election in Nigeria because God never wanted him to run. In the latter outcome, Pastor Tunde Bakare would have lied against God. I’m not sure God likes that.

But was Pastor Tunde Bakare not President Buhari’s running mate in 2011 presidential election, which Buhari lost? I guess he could argue that God did not want him to run for Vice President in 2011. That will be fair, except that it begs the question what kind of pastor engages such a major endeavor without first clearing with God and getting his approval.

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Tunde Bakare has talked himself into a quandary. He cannot disobey God; he must run for president. And he must win. If he loses, Pastor Bakare must quit the alter. Two explanations are possible if Bakare runs and loses. It is either that God lied to Bakare when He told Bakare that He wanted him to run or that Bakare lied about God. I will swear with my own life that God does not lie. So, between those two possible explanations for Bakare’s possible loss, I will go with Pastor Bakare being a liar – against God.

Look, we know that every Nigerian politician is a liar, but to lie against God takes it to a whole new level. Pastor Tunde Bakare must run and must win. God cannot lie!