Give The Children FORM And Watch Them Grow

By Ikenga Chronicles May 30, 2019

Give The Children FORM And Watch Them Grow

–Henry Oghwere,

Tell the children they are the leaders of tomorrow and you make  a mark in their vocabulary. It seems easy to say to anyone; you can do this and they are injected into a state of possibilities. This is the least action you should take when it comes to giving the children and adolescents an opportunity to become more than they can presently see. The truth remains that whoever you are, you must surely age into a different personality and perhaps you will be your dreams or nightmare, your achievements or disappointments, your failure or success but you will never be with the opportunity of a child to frame the right mind for the right results.

Therefore, your goal should be to influence children and adolescents around you to become better at what they do, how they do it and most importantly, what they think about what they do. For the measure to which you impact these children will be the effect of a peaceful and desired future you seek. To do this require a key virtue, which is presently on a long vacation in various lives; the ability to be Patient. You need patience in abundance to deal with this generation Z. Instinctively, this drives us to start with ourselves by building the virtue. Going forward, we should decide to understand key attributes that can help influence children in the right direction of success and personal achievement. These attributes are in different kinds and diverse applications, nonetheless, I choose to highlight four attributes for impact these Generation  Z.

Firstly, be FIRM; the children know when you are joking and when you are serious. Most generation Z have the intuit to read you quickly. You can no longer afford the lack of awareness to allow them make wrong decisions or persuade you into accepting ways that leads to a lower lifestyle. You must be FIRM with your decision and allow them endure the pain of non acceptance as they would have to continue with more of angered moment due to constraints of life in the future.

Be ORGANIZED; the weakest assumption is to believe children listen to what you say. Listening is hard for some of us and it was terrible when we were their age. Some of us had to be beaten to take instructions and looking back, we are proud we were trained through the hard way. The good news is obvious; we don’t have to beat them into obedience. We can guide them into the right actions by using soft skills like empathy which means getting to their level to understand them as we should and avoid projecting our thoughts and assumptions into their lives. And to think that Empathy is an easy task is to be ignorant because most of us have a low level of empathy and this means we are already short of supply to them. As you can learn anything you put your heart to then you can develop empathy which will also help you. The main act to develop empathy is by organizing your schedule to fit these children into long discussion where you can listen and get the facts as it is from them.

Be RESPONSIBLE; You can be all you want and still not be able to impact the children around you. You must be willing to take responsibility for their failure and find ways to help them succeed. The aim of a good conversation should be to identify and provide guidance through empathy which is an enabling environment for these Children to be honest. They are watching you closely and would rather do what you do than do what you do. They would rather imitate than prostrate to your instructions. A father grows up shouting and trying to intimidate everybody in the house as a sign of strength and soon, the children are shouting at their classmates like they own them. They picked it up from a certain level of irresponsibility on our attitude. We want a better place for our children and it is our responsibility to make it happen.

Be a MOTIVATOR; The last words every child should hear when they make mistakes is “you can do better than this”. Some years ago, I requested money to barb my hair. Daddy gave me the money and said I should keep it safe till I go to the barber shop. I interrupted and insisted we keep the money in his room till I was ready. He had an emergency and left the house. I went to play with my friends and they were going to the barbershop. I ran home and broke thé lock into his room to collect the money. My Dad came back and called my attention and I denied and he gave me some strokes of a native whip called “koboko”. I was very angry with myself and went into the room crying. The anger was then reverse at my dad. I began blaming him for the correction which was a foolish thought in retrospect. During evening hours,  my Dad called and told me to sit. He said, “you had the opportunity of taking the money but you left it in my room. Why were you not patient till I get back?, I have repaired the door with twice the money for the door. I don’t have much money but take this and buy yourself a bottle of coke. I don’t expect you to make this mistake again”. This has stayed with me as a character molding experience and for every time you scold a child, you should be willing to explain your reasons as to help them know that it is not acceptable and tell them how to become better.

FORM is the acronym to help you remember FIRM, ORGANIZE, RESPONSIBILITY and MOTIVATION. These four attributes have been interlinked to create the right actions on our part in growing the future generations of Adults. The choice is always with the man who has awareness. The man who is willing to be a support system to the millions of children lacking direction as well as to his own children who needs to know that he care.  The Hebrews have said it ” train up a child the way to succeed and wherever he goes, the training can’t leave him even if desperately wants to leave the training. And Michael Jackson sang it over three decades ago…. “We are the world, We are the children, We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving, There’s a choice we’re making, We’re saving our OWN LIVES, It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me”.