Ghost Husband (Episode 9)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 30, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 9)

Abaside was smiling very brightly after his wedding. Edu was excited too. It was a grand society wedding. At that moment, they had both forgotten about the contract.

Honeymoon was suspended due to the ongoing campaign for Abaside’s governorship election.
He went hand in hand with Edu to all his campaign grounds, and the people loved them together.

The women at Abak Local government sang and spread their wrappers on the sand for Edu to walk on, after she addressed the women and promised them free and compulsory education for their children, and well built homes for the widows. They loved her. Everyone talked about her beauty.

‘Abaside Oruk for governor of Itai state, no one else!’ A young boy at about eighteen years of age had these words boldly written on his card board. He held it up high with his two hands.

While most people had ‘ABD for the win’ others had different things written on theirs.

Ghost Husband (Episode 8)

Edu had a woman officer attached to her. Her name was Mercy. She was humble and loyal to her. While Edu remained Mercy’s boss, Mercy had wondered why she had to marry her rude boss. Abaside was a no-nonsense man. He was principled, and very learned. Mercy had once witnessed how he disgraced his former Secretary Affiong for trying to seduce him at his office.

“Are you the devil apprentice?” Abaside asked his secretary Affiong when she’d tried to reveal her cleavage to him.

“No sir. I am not the devil’s apprentice sir.” She said embarrassingly, turning quickly away.

The next day, Affiong went back to the office, the books on her table were packed into a brown carton.

She carried the brown envelop on her table and after she opened and read it, she became ashamed when she saw that she was fired.

Abaside warned the other female staff against flirting in mini skirts and skimpy dresses around him.

Mercy witnessed how he had walked several girls out of his office. Abaside was mean and snobbish, she thought. She saw Edu as a calm person, who only followed orders, just like her.

“Do not refer to me as Excellency yet.” Edu said to Mercy before she alighted from the car. “It’s not right to address me that way.” She added and strode into the house in her elegant prada dress.

Ghost Husband (Episode 7)

She was not comfortable with the drivers opening the door for her, or even the maids serving her food.

She wouldn’t let Mercy hold her handbag, or hold the umbrella for her when it was sunning or raining.

“As Lena been fed?” She asked the cook who appeared before her dressed in a check flare gown and a yellow apron tide around her waist. She had cold water in a glass on her hands.

“My lady, she ate an hour ago.” The cook said calmly, prostrating.

“Since morning?” Edu asked surprisingly.

The cook nodded before she answered. ” No my lady, she ate biscuit bone and soup in the morning.

Melon soup and semo in the afternoon, and custard this evening.” The cook reeled off. She watched Edu take the water respectively from hervand walk down the hallway to the room.

The cook was an elderly woman in her late Fifties. She had been Abaside’s cook for twenty eight years, and her salary increased every single month.


Edu’s heart skipped when she stepped into the room and turned the light. Abaside was lying down on the bed, his laptop on his laps and he placed much concentration on the laptop.

“You are supposed to be at five star hotel with your deputy Governor to be and your campaign manager Esikot.” Edu said, removing her earrings and placing them on the dressing table.

“I came to make love to my wife.” Abaside said sensually, quite unlike him. He closed the laptop and walked to where she stood.

“How was the meeting with the Itai women?” He asked softly, as his thumb stroked up and down her neck.

“They can’t wait for you to be governor. Edem Udip doesn’t stand a chance anymore. Did you see the crowd you pulled through in all the twelve local governments?”

“You gave me good luck my darling E.D.” He said. He bent his head and she thought she felt his lips brush very gently across her forehead.
She shivered, and wondered what brief caress had to do with what she was saying.

“Esikott thinks we are winning this.” Edu said, smiling widely.

“Shhhh…” Abaside whispered as he placed his finger on her lip. “No more politics and campaign. It’s just you and I now.”

“But this whole thing is for you to win. Me, our marriage. It’s all for you to win.” She said with a serious face.

She heard the laughter in Abaside’s voice and there was a sinking feeling in her stomach. She had a sudden intuition that he loved her and more, that he was head over heels in love with her but the pride in him wouldn’t let him just say the things he felt inside. But if he really loved her, why would he want marriage with her by contract?

He held her dress and tore them unexpectedly, kissing her uncontrollably and trying to unhook her brassiere.

“Oh no…My Prada gown…” She muttered with a hiss.

“I will buy you a hundred of them sweetheart…” He whispered as he pushed her to the bed and made love to her passionately.

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