Ghost Husband (Episode 7)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 15, 2018

“You’re ordering me out?” With a low laugh, he turned and went after her. She could hardly control herself as he held her and began to kiss her softly on the lips.

She responded for a while and then suddenly pushed him off.

“Don’t try to bribe me. I can’t be bought for a cheap contract marriage.” she said, wiping her mouth.

“Two hundred million.” He said.

Edu was silent, thinking Abaside would say more.

“I love you. But I don’t need a wife. I need a friend who won’t get pregnant for me.”

“But you’re going to have sex with her?”

Love And The Mumu Button

“of course my lady.” Abaside replied softly, then added, “body no be firewood. I can’t lie on the same bed with a woman as beautiful as you and not want to lay my hands on those tender looking skin of yours that gives me so much joy to stare. You’re not the usual girl. I like you.”

“You can leave my house Abaside.” Edu said rudely as she walked to the door and clicked it open.”Leave now!”

“And if I don’t my lady?”

“Lena will…”

“Lena is going to bite the skin of the next governor of Itai state, under your watch? Do you know the penalty for your dog and you?”

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“Who cares?”

“My father cares. He will burn down this house in fifty minute. Burn down that small studio of yours and look for your father.”

“Leave!” she yelled. Abaside walked out of the door staring at her face. His eyes tracked across her shoulder. She shifted a bit, his gaze slid down the deep curve of her waist, the bewildering sexual pull he felt toward her seeping into his body, a warming fire he knew would be difficult to douse if he allowed it to burn hotter. And he was reminded that he had kissed her moments ago, under that roof. It was a deliberate act. He blew a kiss at her and slammed the door. She held Lena and began to stroke her gently staring blankly at the door.

Fine Outside; Ugly Inside

She knew what she wanted, the money didn’t move her in anyway. She had fallen in love with him so easily, and she didn’t like it.
She missed her father, she needed to see him and tell him about how she took pictures of the famous governor’s aspirant. She won’t tell him that she likes him, or that she kissed him. She will only tell him that she took pictures of him at his large office.


Edu stood there as impassive as a statue, watching her father’s sad face.

“I didn’t want to tell you this Adiaha mbakara.” He said weakly. “All my gratuity that was used in maintaining the biscuit company is gone. The company is going down soon.”

“God forbid.” Edu said boldly.

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“God is an amazing man. He knows why this is happening to us. I am contemplating on Selling this house, then start up life at the village.”

“God forbid Papa” She whispered softly.

She held her father’s hands and sat by him on the couch.

“You will get back all that you have lost.” She said soothingly.

His father gave out a soft laugh. “I have lost beyond Adiaha Mbakara. I can’t get them back in the next sixty years. Except I sell this house.”

“You won’t sell anything of yours that you toiled to have.” She looked up at her father again. She didn’t tell him of Abaside’s proposal. She knew he would not accept such offer. Her father was an honorable man.

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“Papa, can you wait till the year runs out before you think of selling the house?” She asked her father, staring at him in the eye. But he didn’t respond. He was in deep thoughts. He didn’t have an idea that his daughter who was just a photographer would be the solution to his problem.

She kept Lena with her father and
drove off to Abaside’s office that same evening.
She waited patiently at the reception until it her turn to see him.
When Abaside saw her, he couldn’t help but laugh out so loud.

“Money talks, bullshit works!” He said with so much attitude. Yet he had a certain softness and compassion in his eyes.

When she’d set eyes on him again, it seemed to melt some of the hard core of bitterness inside her.

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She took a deep breath, fighting the weakness that made her feel vulnerable. It was crazy to believe that she was going to agree to marry him by contract, and not by what they really felt for each other. It was even crazier to want it. He was the kind of man she needed, and she was the kind of girl he needed too. Her emotions was running riot, and they had to be reined in. She had to make her father survive in this hard world. Even if she remained single, what good would come out of it? if not more heartbreaks and wasted emotions.

He looked at her intently.

“I hope you’ve not come to walk me out of my own office with your little Lena daughter?”

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She forced a smile.

“I doubt that you can see what I see in you.” There was still that softness in his eyes when he spoke.

“I am ready for the contract. I will do it.” She said in a shaky tone.
His eyes caught and held hers with serious intent.

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