Ghost Husband (Episode 6)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 8, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 6)

Bessie’s expression was in earnest.

“You mean you turned him down?”

Edu nodded.

“Edu, this is unbelievable.” Bessie said, walking around the sitting room.

“I don’t like the word contract. It’s demeaning to my person.”

“Good God Edu! your father is just a biscuit manufacturer who is also a retiree from Mobil. I know he made a lot of money from offshore, but girl, that money he made, Abaside can give you in millions.”

“Do you think it’s all about the money? I am not passionate about his damn money. I don’t need it.” Her words were so soft.

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“I just hope you will change your mind and accept this mind blowing offer.”

“My dreams as a woman is beyond being a first lady to a man whom I will be married to by contract. I want to be a photographer that will travel to different countries…”

“Even if you work for a hundred years in that tiny studio of yours, you won’t make this kind of money Edu. It won’t take you to Argentina for a vacation. This is a lifetime opportunity.” She sat down abruptly on the sofa.

“I think he loves you. He speaks about you with so much passion in his tone.”

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Edu didn’t find the words easy to come by. “If he loves me, he should marry me rightly.”

“I bet you, you have no idea what you’re about to lose. Do you think marriage is a bed of roses? Thousands of young women who are married would take this offer in a blink of an eye. This offer is more valuable than being married to the wrong man. Think about this Edu.” Bessie said and took her bag to walk away.

“You should take it too. You’re married.”

“I love my husband, dumb ass.” She said with a bright smile, Edu smiled too.

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“See you in February. Hubby and I will be leaving for a vacation by weekend. Think about Abaside’s proposal.” She said.

Edu watched her as she cat walked toward the door and slammed it behind her.

She took a deep breath and thought of all the things Bessie said. She’d never been lucky about men and relationships.

They always took her love for granted. And for a moment, she thought of never getting married to anyone, just her

Lena. She never thought of Lena to be a dog, she thought her to be human who understood her more than the men who came into life and took her for granted.

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The doorbell suddenly rang, interrupting her thoughts. She wasn’t expecting anyone, except Bessie had forgotten to tell her something. Lena began to bark. No it wasn’t Bessie, Lena won’t bark at Bessie.

She opened her curtain, and her heart skipped at a glance of Abaside. She almost asked how he knew his way to her house, until she remembered that he was once her taxi driver.

When the door bell finally came again, she felt positively ill from the force of her churning emotions.

Only a sheer act of will moved her legs the necessary distance to open the door and admit the man who could break or make the happiness she so desperately wanted.

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Her heart squeezed tight as she looked up at him, recognizing the same desire in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry for intruding. I drove pass Bessie’s car, decided to find out what she was doing here and got to know you stay here.”

“But you’ve dropped me here once. I mean when you used to be a cab driver.” She said with a soft half smile.

“Forgive me my lady of winterfell, It just occurred to me that I once dropped you here.”

Edu laughed out loud.

“What’s funny?” He asked.

“You called me my lady of winterfell. Was she your favorite character in the movie game of thrones?”

“There were so many babes that were my favorite characters. Mother of dragon was one of them.” He said with a chuckle.

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“Daenerys Targaryen, white beauty.” Edu retorted.

“Won’t you let me In?” He asked nicely. Edu widened the door and he walked into the sitting room, staring at the numerous creative pictures of her on the wall.

“I like your taste. You have good taste, same as me.” He said, his voice a low throb of suppressed emotions. When she stood there, hopelessly tongue tied, he added. ” Marry me. Let’s run my campaign together as husband and wife. I really like you, and I know you do too. I have never felt like this about a woman for 52 years of my old age.”

She swallowed to get rid of constriction in her throat and then asked looking aghast. “You’re 52?”
He nodded calmly.

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“You look like a twenty eight year old. Nice statue.”

“If I was given a one thousand naira note each time someone doubted my age, I would have had trillions in my account by now.” He said touching the picture of her on the wall.

He was wearing informal clothes, blue jeans and a royal blue sports shirt that was open necked and short sleeved.

“We will marry in my father’s church by April.” He added.

“What?” Edu asked with a mean expression. Her bones went weak.

“A hundred and fifty million.” He retorted.

“Get out of my house!”