Ghost Husband (Episode 4)

By Ikenga Chronicles May 25, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 4)

And while the sound of the camera shutters were the only thing heard for moments, Edu wondered why this guy would not even tell her that he knew her too.

Whatever the truth might be, she could still recall sitting by the side of this same person in his taxi. Watching him say funny things about her looks. He had suddenly become aware that someone was watching him, and although he thought he was engrossed in her camera. He turned his head and met the intent gaze of Edu standing at the other side of the studio while the cleaner and the decorator tried designing a background for the shoot.

He was taller than everyone in the room, huge and dark, with the kind of uneven features that are so much attractive than bland good looks.

“Your face is so familiar.” Edu said as she paused the shots.

“Is that why you walked in here with such a stare?”

“Well, you look so much like the cab guy who carried me from the airport some days ago.” She said.
“More postures please. I think you should stand.” She said putting the camera on her face.

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“Well, if you saw a cab guy that looked just like me, then it should be me.”

“You? What where you doing at the airport as a cab guy, and now as…”

“Non of your business miss photographer.”

“What’s your name?”

“Abaside Oruk” He said boldly. He had suddenly become someone else. His foreign accent, Deep-set eyes, a prominent nose, exactly like the cab driver.

He was the same guy she’d met. But reasons why he was there as a cab driver? she didn’t understand. She thought.

His dark blue velvet suit and a matching silk shirt looked quite expensive. He didn’t look like the usual young men who interact with people easily. And the way he was looking at her made her feel curiously weak inside, he was handsome in all ramifications, and he knew it.

“I just wanted to be a driver on that day. I hope to be the governor of this state by next year. And I had to try to be anything. A keke driver or a cab guy. I want to be in the shoes of these guys.” He said.

She guessed he was lying to her. It was obvious. The accent was different from the cab guy’s own, but the voice was the same. But she just had to believe him.

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“You should have a photoshoot with your wife next time for a billboard.” Edu said as she click the shutter shot.

“I don’t have a wife. I am not yet married.” He said.

“You have to be married to be a governor in Nigeria. And besides, you’re too young.”

“Says who?”

“Says the constitution. You should have political godfathers to talk.”

“I don’t need them. I will rule this state.” He retorted.

And despite the rudeness in his tone, he was still charming, fascinating, and so easy to talk to. He asked about her job and her phone number.

“I will come next week for my campaign photoshoot.” He said as he saved the number in his phone as ‘pretty face photographer’

“I will give you a call when I’m ready.” He said. Edu nodded mildly.


Bessie called a week later, reminding Edu of the campaign photoshoot she had with Abaside.

“There is something else Edu.” Bessie said.


“He wants a contract marriage with you.”

“What’s contract marriage?”

“You marry him for a particular period of time, based on agreement. You will sign papers, a lawyer will be there. your lawyer, his too. Then after the period of time, you separate. But you will be well paid.”

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“My father might die if he hears this.”

“Common Edu, You won’t tell your father that it’s a contract. He will be proud to hear that his only child is going to be the first lady of this state.” Bessie said.

“Well, I’m not interested in such contract. I want a real marriage with my dream man.”

“Abaside is every woman’s dream man. He is learned and high class. He is from the prestigious family of captain Oruk. His father is one of the first Nigerian soldiers who is highly respected. His father was the first military head of state in Itai.”

“It’s not about the affluence and the prominency. It’s about spending years in a contract marriage that will not…”

“It will give you lots of money and popularity. Think about it Edu, just think about the dream countries you will visit for your photography shoots when you finally hit a hundred million naira.”

As each minute passed, Edu grew more and more agitated, pacing around the room, trying to compose herself and her thoughts. Hope, despair, a sick yearning for everything to turn out right.

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