Ghost Husband (Episode 2)

By Ikenga Chronicles May 12, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 2)

She’d paid him off and alighted from the bus when he kept staring at her buttocks.

“Such a beautiful dark girl.” He muttered.

Edu pushed her box gently behind her as she walked to the beautifully built bungalow her father had given her on her twenty eighth birthday.

Her head was heavy. She always felt worse when she managed her way out of the all the stresses she’d had for the day.

She had started hearing a woman’s moan right from when she stepped into the compound.

“This Kunle with her bitches.” She whispered. She’d thought that her tenant Kunle had brought up another bitch.

Her eyes caught with her car, it was bouncing up and down, almost causing a flat tire. She wondered what was happening in her car. Oh, maybe her dog Lena was trying to eat up a big snake again, but how did she get into her brand new car?

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But what did Lena know? She wasn’t smart enough to hold the car keys and open it up, talk of being able to drag it out of her boyfriend Uwemedimoh.

When she got close to her car and saw that there were two people in there, she knew who there were; Uwemedimoh and a woman, probably another woman or the same fair girl who sells food at Kilimanjaro fast food and restaurant.

She was bleached skin. Uwemedimoh was always caught with fair women. He had once pleaded with Edu to change her ebony dark skin to white, that fair girls attracted him more. But Edu wondered why he asked her for a relationship at first. He would have just gone after a fair girl already.

He had been caught sucking a girl’s breast once in the kitchen, she was Edu’s first and last house girl Happiness. She was almost albino, had a big breast and Edu had caught him several times stealing a glance at Happiness’ breast while she was cleaning the house or bending to brush the carpet. He always managed to get away, even if it was impossible. He always had an excuse.

“Baby, I swear to God, I didn’t notice when my hands got into her panties.” Or “She tempted me, I am human honey, body no be firewood.” He’d said these words on different scenarios.
He claimed to have masculine powers over her, but she loved him and always forgave him and took him back.

Edu needed to comport herself when she saw that the Kilimanjaro girl she had warned over the phone to stay off her man was right in her car; In loose brassiere, and her smelly sweats everywhere.

She was almost naked. Her panties was on the car. Edu had seen it from afar and wondered what it was, but when she walked closer and saw that it was a panty, not her panty, she took a deep breath and exhaled.

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He was hitting her hard breathlessly, while she moaned aloud.

When Lena perceived Edu from afar, she ran after her and began saying things Edu might have understood. She was shaking her tail and leading her to the front of the car.

The Kilimanjaro girl caught a glimpse of her first.
“Stop! the bitch is here.” She said soothingly.

Uwemedimoh’s heart fell. He had coats of sweats all over his dark shiny body.

“Get out of my car now!” Edu screamed. Lena began to bark.

The girl reluctantly stepped out of the car scarily. She was scared of Lena. She had phobia for dogs. But as her feet touched the concrete floor, Lena jumped on her. Lena did this to all the women Uwemedimoh brought home.

Uwem’s Girls were scared of her. She was Edu’s only true friend. The one who would take bullets for her and bite for her. Lena used to be Becca’s daughter. They were five of them. All of them were beautiful hairy German shepherds.

But her father had given out four of Lena’s siblings as gifts to his friends. Edu took care of Lena right from when she was a puppy. She’d separated her from her mother Becca when she was just seven months old. She’d taken Lena to her veterinarian in Oron. But despite the three months stay Lena had at Lion’s heart Veterinary hospital, she could still perceive Edu when she climbed up the hospital staircase, from afar.

Lena was smart, intelligent and security conscious.

Kilimanjaro girl endured the first two bites from Lena, before she began to scream “help me baby please. Kill this beast!”

“Lena stop it!” Edu ordered.

Uwemedimoh was ashamed. He couldn’t look at her face. He was mute for a long time.

“Get out of my house now! leave my yard, now!” She said aloud. Looking at the two of them with a mean look.

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The girl took her panties and ran out of the gate helter skelter.

“I called your lines. You refused my calls because you were banging a girl in my new car!”

“Let me explain!”

“Shut up! liar. You want me to listen to your Cooked lies again? hell no! you’re leaving my house this minute!”

She walked away with her box, followed by Lena. She dragged his box from inside the wardrobe and piled in his clothes in there. Lena helped her carry his shoes with her mouth into a thrash bag.

Edu wept bitterly as she threw his things outside.

She couldn’t look at his face.

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