Ghost Husband (Episode 17)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 11, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 17)

Edu looked stylish as she walked into the meeting room.
The statesmen stood until she got to her seat and settled on it.

After the opening prayer by the deputy governor, they all sat quietly, waiting for her to say something.

“There won’t be any burial for my husband, until his body is found.” She said calmly but boldly, not looking at anybody. She elapsed into silence again, waiting for the scape goat to counter her words, so that she would walk him or her out.

The thought of burying Abaside in mind, in an empty coffin left her cold and deflated.

“Normal office duties resumes today. We will all wait for the governor to return and take over from where we shall stop.” Edu said.

After the meeting for that day, rumors went around that she was mentally ill.

Countless times, Mercy had seen her at midnights walking into the big field with Lena alone, and not even a torchlight in her hand.

On this particular evening, she had seen him. She sat on that field and he sat by her in the unlighted big field that had grasshoppers in them, watching the dark outlines of trees. She found that her hand slipped quite naturally to his,then Lena suddenly became calm. She’d expected her to bark. But she didn’t.

It was late, and everyone had gone to bed.

And Abaside, in the strange, dim quiet night held her hands tight, and took it to his chest. He still stroked her fingers and said nothing. When the silence began to make her uncomfortable, she broke it.

“Where have you been?” His hand tightened around her knuckles. “Because I have been worried. I am sorry.” He shrugged and turned his head away. When she looked at him again, she held his face with her two hands, “talk to me!” She yelled.

“So you do have dreams?” Doctor Ebong’s voice came in. She opened her eyes, and when she saw that she was on the hospital bed she widened her eyes. “What happened to me?” She asked.

“You passed out at the field a moment ago.” Mercy replied in a shaky tone.

“Your excellency, we need to take you somewhere. Where you could have peace of mind with your cameras and forget about the office for now.” Doctor Ebong said.

“There will be no peace of mine as far as Abaside doesn’t exist anymore.” She said bitterly.

“If she leaves, who will rule the state? People are already complaining that we don’t have a governor, I saw it on the guardian today.” Mercy said.

“You believe everything you read on papers. All the gossip local papers.” Doctor Ebong gave a loud sigh. ” We have the deputy governor, she will take charge until she returns. She needs a vacation.”

For a fleeting moment, they stayed like that. Staring at Edu, and checking if her temperature was high or low.

“Where am I going to?” Edu asked mildly.

“America ma. You will be accompanied by me.” Doctor Ebong said.

“Why you? No please. I don’t want people to think we’ve got something doing in secret. Itai people talk like mad people.”

“I am your personal doctor. You need me constantly by your side now.”

“Well, even if you have to come. Bessie will join me.” She turns to Mercy. “Get Lena and my cameras ready. Get my sweaters and stockings ready too.”


America was the perfect place for Edu. She took pictures of all the beautiful things she set her eyes on, until they got to the a large beautiful mansion in New York. “Where is this place? I thought we were suppose to lodge in a hotel?”

“We can’t lodge in a hotel when Abaside has a house in New York.” Doctor Ebong said.

“He never told me that.”

“Well, he just got it.” He said. Edu turned to him and said. ” This would have been a surprise, maybe he just got it before his disappearance. I’m sure he wanted to surprise me.” She said softly and confidently as she alighted from the car. Bessie was quiet all the while with Lena in her hands. She was admiring everything she saw with her eyes.

Bessie got to the door first, she waited for Ebong and the driver to remove everything from the car so that she could have a view of what the inside of the house looked like. The journey would have been another honeymoon for her and her husband, but Edu wanted just her.

Someone was behind the door, trying to open it, Edu wondered who it was. Doctor Ebong told them that it was a vacation house that Abaside built, which meant nobody was there.
Lena suddenly began to bark, as the door opened.

Bessie’s heart exploded as she saw Abaside. He was standing right before her in a pair of jeans and a blue sweater.

“The blood of Jesus! Holy ghostfire! I rebuke you in Jesus name!”
Abaside stared at her like she was insane.

But Edu stared at Abaside like she just found something that she’d lost.

She picked a sand on the ground and threw at him. Doctor Ebong and Abaside laughed a deep laugh as they two women stared at Aba side like he had just come out from a TV. “Abaside!” She called out his name with forced vivacity.