Ghost Husband (Episode 16)

By Ikenga Chronicles October 19, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 16)

“Doctor Ebong says you’re pregnant Edu-Uwem.” Her father said with emotions in his tone. “I am surprised that a ghost would get a human being pregnant.” He chuckled.

Edu’s expression held regret, disappointment and acceptance. Doctor Ebong stared vacantly, rubbing his chin as if he were a talisman. Only Bessie offered a wink, a smile and a thumbs up of encouragement.

“If he is not a ghost, then why has he suddenly vanish in the midst of all these? Why?” She asked almost in tears.

“Your Excellency, I have been a medical doctor and a therapist for thirty years. And I doubt this ghost rumor about the governor. If indeed he is a ghost, I would have seen some traits. He won’t get you pregnant. If ghost really exist, they shouldn’t be seen.”

“You don’t believe in ghosts. All these mbakara people that went to America to study don’t know anything about ghosts. These things happen.” Bessie said.

“Only in nollywood movies.” Doctor Ebong retorted ironically.

“Strongly as I recall, my grand mother appeared to me few days after her death. I saw her, we even ate banana porridge together. She told me stories and when she heard my mother’s foot steps she disappeared. She told me she was going to come back.” Bessie said shrilly.

“Did she come back?” Edu’s father asked.

Bessie shook her head. “No. But she visited in my dreams.”

Doctor Ebong laughed, Bessie joined him in laughing too.

“We should find the governor as soon as possible.” Edu’s father said in the midst of the loud laugh, suddenly causing an abrupt pause. The old man rose slowly, walked to the humidor and removed a cigar. “I will get myself a lighter .”

“No smoking allowed here father.” Edu said.

“Then why do we have a humidor filled with cigars?” He asked.

“Just for fancy.” Edu said quietly.

“In a governor’s private lodge?” He asked, stared at her for few seconds, sighed and walked out of the room.

Edu held her stomach and stared at it.

“We didn’t want a baby now. Abaside and I never wanted a baby so soon.” She murmured to herself. “I will keep it in memory of him. I hope the baby looks just like him. Bessie?” She called out, turning to Bessie.


“Do you think Abaside would come back?”

“In your dreams? The state gave him thirty days to return, have you seen him?” Bessie asked, some of her natural arrogance returning.

“So, if truly he is a ghost, my baby will be what?”

Doctor Ebong immediately turned to her, closing his laptop he said “Ghost baby.”

“Medical terms says so?” Bessie asked looking amazed.

Doctor Ebong laughed out loud. “of course not!”

Edu noticed that Doctor Ebong didn’t take Abaside’s demise seriously. She’d felt that it was his usual way of life. Doctor Ebong might say something very serious in a mild way.

She suddenly began to cry again, Bessie hugged her while she kept crying. Doctor Ebong spent the whole night simply staring out of the window, at the empty darkness.


Two months had passed, and Abaside’s shadow was not seen, not even from afar as Edu had wished.

The Deputy governor had countered Edu’s inability to rule the state. “She has never been a politician.” She said bitterly.

But Edu didn’t respond. She knew that there were going to be obstacles, and even if Abaside wasn’t there to tell her what to do, she knew he would have wanted her to replace him.

At the meeting with the states men, it was agreed that a burial was going to be done with or without Abaside’s body. Edu had wanted to object it, but she did in her heart. She admitted reluctantly.

From afar, she pictured him running a hand through her hair and rolling his hands on her stomach. “It’s going to be a boy.” He said. She gripped him more tightly, not wanting to let him go. Lena startled her by leaping under her chair, in between her legs, and uttering a low growl as she stared out the window, her tail swished angrily.

“The governor’s wife’s dog is so beautiful.” The commissioner for women affairs said sweetly from afar. “She is now the governor, the governor is no more.” The secretary retorted.

Edu’s heart trembled when she heard the secretary’s words. She became weak, frustrated, bittered and heartbroken.

“Take me to my room.” She said to Mercy.

In two days time, a burial will be conducted for Abaside, a coffin will be brought and all she would see in that coffin will be the imaginary picture of him sleeping by her side.

In the middle of the night, she walked into the darkness with Lena. Walking around the gardens she’d waited patiently for Lena to bark, so that she would be alerted that he was there.

She would wait there for him to appear to her and take her away with him. Her life was about to explode. She let out a squawk of disgruntled protest as Lena moved her body around her legs, disturbing her thoughts.