Ghost Husband (Episode 15)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 26, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 15)

The Morning was quiet and deadly still at the government house. Abaside watched everyone runaway helter skelter. The whole government house was calm and quiet, only the screechy sounds from the birds could be heard from afar.

He stood at one corner of his room and wept bitterly. It was the first time he’d cried so bitterly.
He wrote a letter and dropped it on the table. Packing few of his personal belongings, he vanished.

The town was hot for months, the disappearance of Abaside shocked everyone, it grieved Edu. She’d wept uncontrollably for nights, thinking about him with a picture of him placed to her heart.
His mother, Mrs Oruk wept too. But captain was unusual. He was weak and sick, nobody knew what was going on in his mind until he fainted and was taken to the hospital.

I Got Myself A Man (Episode 22)

“High blood pressure.” Doctor Ebong said, after he removed the stethoscope from his chest.

A few government officials took Edu home that night.
Everyone was afraid as they walked in twos into the government house.

Mercy and Bessie held Edu’s hands side by side and walked into her bedroom. Fear fell on them as they entered the room with so much boldness.

“I won’t be sleeping here tonight.” Edu said weakly.

“There is a letter for you your excellency.” Mercy said, as she picked the letter from the table and handed to her. Edu’s hands shook as she collected the letter and opened it immediately.

‘My lovely Wife,

My heart is heavy as I write this to you. The world has abandoned me, and even you too would believe that a man whom you make love to, whom you kiss every morning and play with would be a ghost.
If I were a ghost, I wouldn’t exist.’

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 4)

Edu read through each lines of the letter countable times, tears running down her cheeks.

“Don’t believe it your excellency. This same thing happened to one woman in my village. Burn that letter. We will call a pastor to pray.” Mercy said soothingly.

“Mercy is right Edu. These things happen. It’s rather unfortunate that it’s happening to you.” Bessie added.

There was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in…” Mercy said.

“Your excellency, the honorable commissioners and the president of Itai state pastors are here to see you. They said you sent for them.” The deputy governor said.

Edu appeared in the sitting room, covered with a black yashmak. Everyone in the meeting room stood as she entered.

“Sit.” She ordered calmly.

“Your excellency, bishop Etukudo Bassey is asking for your permission to pray around the government house with few members of his church.” One of the commissioners said, Edu nodded calmly.

The speaker stood up after everyone was quiet.

“Your excellency, Mrs Edu Abaside Oruk, We want to let you know that the government officials have decided to hand over the office of the governor to you. And while we wait for the governor to return back, believing that the ghost story is rumor, we will wait for thirty days for him to come back, and after thirty days, if he doesn’t return, we will write to the president to give us the permission to make a burial in his honor. At least a grave side with a statue of him for his remembrance.” The speaker said.

Edu was silent for a long time. She didn’t know what to say. She began to weep aloud, few commissioners held her and took her away. Everyone went back home with a sad feeling.

All through that night, she had cried and cried. She cuddled Lena and woke up in the Middle of the night to remind herself that the love of her life was a ghost. She refused to dwell on that thought. She’d hoped that if he comes back, she won’t see him as a ghost anymore. She won’t care about what people might think of him. She would stay with him until the contract was over.


She sighed every moment she stood by the window, watching the gate to see if Abaside was going to return. For twenty nine days she sat there, wishing he could just appear to her for the last time and tell her how much he’d missed her. She wanted to see his face, touch it and feel it. She wanted to tell him to His face that she’d fallen in love with him for real, and if she could change the hands of time, she wouldn’t have left him when she discovered that he was a ghost. She would have vanished to forever land with him.

Several times, she reached out to the window. And in her sleeps, she called his name.
And on the 30th day, she fell on the stairs, on her way back to the sitting room, her maids held her and yelled aloud, alarming the security men.
One army officer carried her immediately and rushed her to the private clinic. In few minutes the governor’s personal doctor, doctor Obot arrived. After running few urgent tests on her, he stared at her pitifully for long moments.

Edu stared down at doctor Obot until the Doctor’s words sputtered into silence and the pains she felt in her head stopped. Next, her gaze went to her father. The fierce light of battle faded more slowly from those canny, tired, teary eyes.