Ghost Husband (Episode 14)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 13, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 14)

Edu wiped furiously at her eyes when she stopped the car. She was at her parent inlaw’s house in Ikpa.

Slowly, she headed for a path that would carry her to backyard.

“Edu…” Her mother inlaw called out tearily, running out of the house and hugging her tight.
“What is this I am hearing about your husband?” She asked.

“Your son?” Edu asked boldly.

“Our enemies are trying to bring us down.” Mrs Oruk said.

Edu nodded calmly and walked passed her to the sitting room.
“If your father inlaw, my husband should hear of this, he might die of hypertension.” She added, wiping tears from her eyes.

“I have sent someone to bring the woman who claimed she is Abaside’s mother. We drove pass her at the government house. That woman is too old to be sent to do all these.” Edu said.

Ghost Husband (Episode 10)

The uncomfortable silence was so long they two women gazed at each other for a while.
Edu’s phone rang and when she checked who it was, her heart lifted. It was Bessie.

“I am with the woman now. I picked her up at the state secretariat, in the midst of several journalists.”

“Bring her to Ikpa. I am at Abaside’s parent’s house.” Edu said abruptly and hung the call.

“To bring who here?” Mrs Oruk asked.

“The woman who claimed to be the governor’s mother.”

Mrs Oruk gave a loud sigh. “Poor women! All she wants is money. We are going to pay her off to stop all these unnecessary rumors.”

“We will talk to her first.” Edu said.

Moments later, they could hear Bessie’s car horn and then footsteps approaching the sitting room.

Mrs Oruk stood up when Bessie and the old woman entered the sitting room.

She stared at the old woman shockingly, like she had seen a ghost. And just at the moment, Captain Oruk entered the sitting room in his pyjamas. He stared at the woman like he was reading something on her face.

Ghost Husband (Episode 12)

“Your face looks familiar.” He said, settling on the couch.

“I can still remember your face captain Oruk. You and your wife brought bodies of my sons to me at Abbaya You fought for Biafra sir, remember?” The old woman said.

“My husband and I lived in Abbaya all through the war. We returned back home when Abbaya was no more safe for us. We had to come back home.” Mrs Oruk said.

“Why are you here Madam?” Captain asked boldly. Bessie lowered herself on the sofa as she kept staring at the woman .

“My name is Ugomma, few months ago, I have been seeing pictures of my son on television. People say he is the new governor of this state. I buried him and his brother Obinna with my bare hands…”

Mrs Oruk cuts in abruptly. “You mean you can still identify your son who was buried in Abbaya many years ago? Madam who sent you?”

“I bore them. I have pictures of him and his brother right here.” She dips hands into her brassiere and brings out a faded photo, Edu grabbed the picture from her and stared at it amazingly. “That same picture is what I saw on the TV when his Biography was being said. That is my son! He is dead! I buried his body parts with my bare hands. You and your husband brought them to me, remember!”

Runs (Episode 12)

“Wait a minute, are you saying that Abaside Oruk is a ghost?” Edu asked.

“I can swear on their graves, on their father’s grave. The mark of twins was given to them after their birth, that mark is behind his back. A black mark, to show that they were twins. If you do not see that sign on his back, I will go back to Abbaya and never come back here anymore.” The old woman said.

Edu studied her openly and ran out of the house with the picture in her hand. She drove the car speedily, forgetting that Lena was in there. When she got to the government house, she ran into the bedroom, Lena and the security men ran after her.

She didn’t remember at that moment if Abaside had a mark on his back or not. She had seen him naked a lot of times, but it didn’t occur to her that he had a mark on his back.

She opened the door and when she saw Abaside, she felt terrified.

“What’s happening to everyone?” Abaside asked surprisingly.

Removing the Nigeria’s constitution from his laps and placing it on the bed.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 18)

“Turn your back and remove your shirt!” Edu ordered.

Abaside giggled and removed his shirt, turning around, Edu saw a mark on his back.

“He is a ghost!” she yelled and ran out of the house. Everyone ran away, Lena barked and barked. Abaside wondered what was happening. He didn’t know what to say, he was confused. His heart was pounding when he stepped into the board meeting auditorium, and he watched everyone vanished into the thin air. The urge to search for his wife was practically irresistible. A terrible weakness spread over him, and he closed his eyes in aching misery.