Ghost Husband (Episode 11)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 13, 2018

Ghost Husband (Episode 11)

After the elections, the result was announced the following day on different TV channels in Itai state and Nigeria. After the vote counting, Abaside was announced the winner. He became the most handsome governor whom women crushed on. He addressed the people powerfully at the first state gala night he had with his new commissioners and statesmen. His deputy governor Lady Etido was a powerful widow who was a onetime commissioner for women’s affairs.

Edu fell into a deep, warm sleep after she arrived the government house from the dinner party. She awoke in the morning full of excitement and optimism.

She woke up on a new bed, in a new executive bedroom and into a new life full of tasks and royalty.

“Good morning your excellency, your water is ready. After your bath, your secretary will meet you for the weekly agenda.” Her personal assistant Mercy said sweetly. She was dressed in police uniform.

Edu smiled. She was now the first lady, that didn’t excite her. She was excited that her father had gotten back his company.

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“Thank you Mercy.” She said calmly. And as she stepped into the bathtub, Abaside appeared in a white rope.

“Good morning my lady.” He said gently as he pulled the rope on the floor and got into the bathtub.

“I didn’t see you last night.” Edu said.

“Long meetings my love.” he replied and began to kiss her lips. ” You’re the first woman I have ever loved this much. I see myself think about you. I should have married you properly.” He added.

“You married me properly.” Edu retorted.

“No. Not that. I mean apart from the contract thing.”

“Oh that.” She gasped.

“What’s your agenda for today?”

“I will be going to the airport to choose a personal jet for myself. But before then, my secretary will have to give me a full agenda for the week.”

“Harold Mensah, the Ghanaian ambassador said you’re the most beautiful first lady in Nigeria presently.” He said smiling and running his hand on her hair.
She smiled forcefully. “He hasn’t met all of them.” She said.

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“He has. That is why he said that.”

She gave him her best dignified smile and poured the liquid soap into a soft sponge, scrubbing her body with it softly.

He stared at her with so much pleasure in his eyes.


The new secretary to the governor’s wife, Mrs Anita Umoren was elegantly dressed in a swiss suit. She was prepared to meet the first lady for the first time after her appointment. And when Edu walked into the sitting room, Anita stood to her feet for her as a sign of respect.

“Your Excellency.” she said in oral English.

“Mrs Anita, please sit.” Edu said as she hugged her lightly.

After Anita gave out the weekly agenda, the convoy moved to the airport where Edu had to inspect her new private jet.

The people at the airport began to scream “First lady, First lady…” She waved slightly and smiled.

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“Few months ago, I was only a young photographer who was striving to survive in Nigeria. And now, I am the first lady of Itai.” She said smilingly, turning to her personal assistant Mercy.

“It is the lord’s doing ma.” Mercy said calmly. Her tone was almost conciliatory.

She made a hasty inspection on the jet.

“Get my camera from the car.” She ordered. And within seconds she got her camera and began to take shots of the jet. She loved the interior designs and admired the uniforms of the cabin crew.

“Beautiful. I love it.” She whispered.

Her plans were to make good use of this opportunity that was given to her by Abaside.
She will help the poor and the needy, empower women and establish a good organization that will be her one and only legacy that she will be remembered for. She will build a photography school of her dreams and even attend the best in the world after two years of her contract with the governor.

She walked around the airport. And stood at the same spot she’d taken a cab home when she got back from Abuja.

“This is the first place I met the governor.”

“Good.” Anita grinned affectionately at Edu.

The taxi men around there yelled her name excitedly.

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“Your excellency give us money o, we voted for the governor…” They all laughed boisterously and even waved at her.

“Your excellency, I took you to Itam o. Madam please see me here.” A man said in a loud voice. Her heart trembled when she turned and saw him. He was the image of Abaside.

“Is that not the governor?” Mercy asked amazingly.

“Of course not. He only looks just like him.” The secretary replied, but not certain.

But Edu was dumbfounded. This was the governor or someone else? But Abaside didn’t deny that he wasn’t the same cab guy.

Edu stared at him with shock written all over her face. She was bewildered.

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He was confused. He didn’t know why Edu would stare at him for such a long time and won’t say anything. He gave a reluctant laugh which came out more like a snort.

She turned away her face and when she turned back to ask him of his name, she couldn’t find him anymore.

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