Ghanian Actress, Yvonne Nelson Accused Of Husband Snatching

By Ikenga Chronicles November 18, 2017

Ghanian Actress, Yvonne Nelson Accused Of Husband Snatching

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson who recently gave birth to a baby girl has been accused by Keela Harrison, a fashion model of snatching her husband. The two supposed rivals, took to the social media to expose their dirty linen to the public.

Harrison had claimed that Nelson snatched her British husband, a photographer, Jamie Harrison , and had a baby for him, regardless of the fact that they are still legally married.

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She claimed she introduced Yvonne Nelson to Jamie, adding that the Ghanaian actress had wanted to purchase slimming tea from them, but it wasn’t long before Jamie and Nelson kicked off their relationship.

Ms Harrison also added that Yvonne can’t marry Jamie yet because he is still legally married to her.

“That’s the real reason they can’t get married. Jamie is still legally married to me and bankrupt,” she added.

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Meanwhile, while speaking with WOW Magazine, the actress who just clocked 32, noted that she is not the traditional girl, and does not really believe in the idea of marriage because all she wants is a man who can give her true happiness.

“Marriage nowadays is just ceremony and a huge wedding,” Nelson told WOW, adding, “The whole marriage thing, that name is just so scary.”