From The Lunatic’s Pad: Where Can I Buy Cheap Rice? –Nnaemeka Oruh

By Ikenga Chronicles January 10, 2017

Okay, let me confess immediately, I am not searching for where to buy rice. You need to first have the money to eat,before you can think of where to even buy the foodstuff!Maybe I exaggerate a little about the lack of money, but who cares?

Where can I buy cheap rice?This is a very important expression.So important that when Amara Nwankpa conducted a poll entitled “On the regulation of Charities and Faith Based Organisations, which side are you on?” with the following options;

1. G. O. until God decides

2. Maximum 20-year term

3. Whr can I buy cheap rice?
“Where can I buy cheap rice” polled 66%!

You see what I mean?

The importance of that poll hinges on the fact that it reveals how hungry the nation has become, and how disinterested the majority are becoming when it comes to all the big big grammar policies of the Buhari government. Abeg, we don’t need grammar, we just need food to fill our bellies!, the people seem to be saying. Wetin concern me concern FRCN polices, eh?

Personally, “where can I buy cheap rice?” could mean any of the following;

i. Abeg I am hungry, let’s discuss something else.

ii. Please let’s discuss something important!

iii. Leave me alone!

You can add yours!What is key is that it is a display of disinterest to whatever is being discussed.

And the hunger and government supported terrorism in the land is causing a lot of people to become more disinterested.It is a bad place to be in, as such disinterest may eventually embolden a government that is almost dictatorial to throw away the disguise, and become full-blown dictatorial.

For now though; where can I buy cheap rice?



  • Nnaemeka Oruh is a guest on today’s edition of “From The Lunatic’s Pad”, which is normally hosted by Dum Syl Aminikpo. Oruh is on Twitter as @Oruhnc
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