From The Lunatic’s Pad: The Good Side of the Grazing Bill and Fayose’s Coup

By Ikenga Chronicles April 25, 2016

There’s a bill on creating a grazing reserve before the National Assembly. Chill brothers and sisters. There might be a good side to it. The senate, or a section, has however denied seeing any. This change has come with loads of denials, upturns, trial and errors, and all. If they say it isn’t there, that’s possible. If they later come out to say that it’s actually there, will anyone be surprised? Are we not getting used to this routine already?

Back to the positive. The Grazing Reserve Bill is for our own good. One, it preserves our cultural heritage. What will life be like if you don’t see Fulani herdsmen on your farms with their cattle, marching majestically across farmlands and crops? Such heritage can’t be allowed to go away like that. They must be allowed unhindered.

By the way, if you want to stop them, be prepared though. They no longer go with sticks and bows and arrows.

The present administration has also realized that cattle must not be kept in ranches. Buhari visited the Brookside Dairy Farm in Kenya, saw them looking all fat, and knew it wasn’t safe. Edible cow must look bony, skinny, etc to taste good. Agric cow isn’t good for our health. Native is better. The bill is for our own good.

Doesn’t it also help checkmate our population growth? I mean, if you remember the deed at Agatu by these herdsmen, are they not helping to create space for the scarce resources? Isn’t this why the presidency seems quiet? This unorthodox population control.

On the sideline; are you aware that Ayo Fayose is responsible for the scarcity of fuel? Well, that’s what the APC said.

Good evening.

 Dum Syl Aminikpo tweets with @dumsyl
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