Freeze And His Hushpuppis

By Ikenga Chronicles June 27, 2020

Freeze And His Hushpuppis

— Simbo Olorunfemi

I listened to Freeze for the first time yesterday. The rant on Instagram. The video with the puppis. Of course, I have always heard about him – Radio. He had a reputation for taking on Pastors, one which seems to be an easy route to take if you desire acclaim as a moralist, not afraid of taking on respected names and institutions. It appeared as if he wanted to be taken as a gadfly. And he enjoyed the ride while it lasted.

But there is this blowback that tends to come with posturing that has no grounding in proper foundation or fidelity to principles. It takes on a form beyond the control of the instigator coming back to hit him squarely in the face, without warning.

That would appear to be the case with Freeze, frozen by the inconsistencies he has pieced together as a mask, his reputation is melting in the fire he lit with a yesterday inconsistent with a tomorrow he had envisaged. Caught up in a storm he triggered, he is fighting the wind, rather than standing still to watch if the wind can possibly blow over.

Freeze’s case would appear to be one of arrested dream unlike that of the puppy. His was a case of aspiration to continue to share the table with the puppies, thinking to himself that the only way to do so was to mock those in legitimate line of work, but the puppies probably saw through him and knew he bought the lie so he could continue to live a lie. Both knew they were lying to themselves.

There were enough signs to freeze anyone with conscience but greed is a deep fryer, it fries common sense that makes the simple complicated. Now caught with his hand in the jar, Freeze is frozen with pride, he is kicking out when he should tuck his head in the freezer and hide.

It is a shame to see what has become of the Radio. It has become a hideout for all sorts of puppis to promote the worst about us, shredding our values, instigating hate. That is why a Freeze who thinks himself unaccountable to no-one for whatever he had previously said, trivially throwing it in that he could say something that would make his listener almost drink sniper, put his finger up to such an obscene gesture, pick up a verse in the Bible, leave out the verses before and after it, to force his own context upon it, and then casually go back to the radio, a powerful mass communication platform, to continue to mould minds in his own way.

He thinks he has done nothing wrong. He was only at the last supper with the puppis. I hear he too, like the puppi that has just been hushed, was taken as role model by some. Shame. We have to do something about the radio.

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