Forgive Ambrose Nwaogwugwu: He May Have Been Led Astray By Political Slave Masters And Enemies Of Imo Youths!

By Ikenga Chronicles May 30, 2020

Forgive Ambrose Nwaogwugwu: He May Have Been Led Astray By Political Slave Masters And Enemies Of Imo Youths!

Let me do the unthinkable by entering an allocutus or plea for forgiveness for Ambrose Nwaogwugwu currently being detained and investigated by security agencies for alleged transgression of the Cybercrimes Act and other sundry criminal offences.

No doubt, Ambrose may be ignorant of the law like many of our youths who restlessly patrol the cyberspace as attack dogs and hack writers.

Poor Ambrose, someone highly placed and who has no courage to confront his political opponents may have taken advantage of his youthful exuberance to denigrate other citizens although ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Ambrose did not know that sadistic and savage leaders gave him a loaded AK 47 automatic weapon as a toy.

They did not warn him either and he was shooting rapidly in all directions.

I passionately plead with the authorities and all concerned to please forgive and give him a second chance on the matter.

Ambrose’s present travail can be likened to the metaphor of Imo youths that are often led astray by slave dealers masquerading as political leaders.

A leader, properly called, is a mentor who puts or should put his mentees (young followers) out of harms way by teaching them by practical examples the proper way of doing things for posterity sake.

A mischievous leader can only behave badly and be a bad influence.

A snake must give birth to a long thing.

I plead for Ambrose’s reprieve because he may have been led astray by leaders who only use our youths as e-attack dogs and #mpiawazu thugs and ballot box snatchers but do not consider them fit for durable appointments and empowerment opportunities.

These are destiny killers and enemies of mankind.

Flee from them because only secure leaders create other leaders.

Like other Imo youths, Ambrose may have been a captive of leaders who will send youths to post defamatory rants or abuse their elders and superiors without scruples, and goad the youth on to violent clash with the long arm of the law.

These are evil men and women. Flee from them because insecure leaders create only followers.

Everyone should avoid leaders who will reserve or give juicy jobs and good life only to their children and children of other “big men” at the detriment of the less privileged youths who spend countless hours on the social media fighting and abusing each other in defence of elusive party interests.

Flee from them, they are worse than COVID 19 pandemic as they will put you on permanent political lockdown.

Poor Ambrose, he was obviously misled by leaders who are not playing sustainable politics and who think little of the future of the youths, otherwise, someone should have advised him not to use his bare hands to bring out a venomous snake from a dark hole.

Against Ambrose’s travails, next time, before a youth is paid peanut to copy and paste or type chakachakachaka on the internet, he or she should ask the leader to put his or her name and face or that of his or her children or fellow big men’s children against that defamatory piece or post.

Remember that if it was political appointment or employment in Central Bank, NDDC, FAAN, Maritime Industry and the like, the selfish leaders will never remember you.

I plead that Ambrose Nwaogwugwu be forgiven as he must have learnt his lesson, albeit the hard way.

From this avoidable impasse, other Imo youths have now learnt that typing chakachakachaka on the internet has dire consequences.

Freedom after speech is the real freedom of speech.

In conclusion, let me restate my strong plea that Ambrose Nwaogwugwu should be on parole while we continue to blame our vile and wicked leaders who are leading our youths to early destruction by the type of dangerous assignments they are given.


…A new normal is possible!

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