Forever Is A Gift I’ll Never Take For Granted

By Ikenga Chronicles July 14, 2018

Forever Is A Gift I’ll Never Take For Granted

To love you is an adventure, a journey that I never wish to return from.

When we meet, whether either of us has been married before, whether I’ve worn white before or not, I can promise that I didn’t know love—until you.

I’ve grown up a lot, and I know that I still have more to do. Yet I also know that no matter what changes ensue, it will be you who I’ll still love at the end of my hardest days.

Memorable July (Episode 2)

I don’t need the simple vows of “in sickness and in health”—I know the most difficult times will come when we least expect them, when we think everything is fine and life suddenly turns dark. And so I vow to never leave your side, even if I don’t agree with your choices, even if I can’t see the way out. I will take your hand and walk together with you, trusting you, until the sun returns on a new day.

To promise our love is a beautiful thing, when everything seems as close to perfect as it could get, but the thing is:

I won’t always do the right thing, and I can’t say that I will make your life easier. I can’t tell you where this journey will lead us, or where we will call home.

Memorable July ( Episode 4 )

But what I can vow is your story will end with me. As long as your soul returns to mine, we’ll both be right where we are supposed to be. I can offer my heart to you—today, tomorrow, and in a hundred years when the world will have forgotten everything but the way in which we loved one another.

There may be days when we hurt one another, even if unintentionally, and tears may fall. In those moments, I vow to always be….