For Those Invoking Fire And Brimstones For Our Heads; A Word For You!

By Ikenga Chronicles August 9, 2018

–By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

Never in the annals of human history, were truth-tellers ever palatable.

They were gadflies reminding society, that her flaws are gateways to extinction; that her hypocrisies are paths to oblivion, and that virtue is not a ticket to heaven but a social lubricant, which makes our coexistence smooth; helping us to hold our congenital tendency to empanel a Hobbesian State of Nature, in check.

Socrates was such a gadfly. He was deemed unpalatable, by a society in murderous rage to poison truth out of existence. They condemned him to death. Gave him Hemlock. Committed a crime against truth; a cosmic affront to philosophy.

Truth-tellers are boils on the scrotums of power. The Mandarins and masochistic hangers-on of power dread them. They are perched there to the great discomfort of pretenders to power. They are either crucified among thieves, or their heads handed on a platter, to the daughter of an adulteress. You can ask Jesus the Galilean carpenter and John the Baptizer, his cousin.

Why I Fear Those Who Fear God

Men would never like you for telling the truth. They would invoke their old gods and the new. They would conscript their expired superstitions to threaten you with bodily and eternal harm. They knew that their gods are frozen in the eternal ice of non-existence. That is why they even go a step further to exact vengeance on the truth-teller, on their gods’ behalf.

That is why men become jihadists or soldiers of the cross. Their gods do not possess the substantiality to fight for themselves. If they did, they wouldn’t have any need for the arms of flesh; which the song, “stand up for Jesus”, said, would fail you, and you dare not trust your own.

Have you ever wondered why the followers of the guy, who commanded the poltroonery of Simon-Peter to sheath back his sword, would ever dare to bear arms for a crusade?

It was not holiness. It was not the love of God in the fellowship of the holy spirit. It was the haughtiness of men, who crowned themselves gods; with tiaras of worldly greed, splendor and lust for power, pomp and pageantry.

It couldn’t have been love for a guy, who said „my kingdom is not of this world“!

Bole Festival: Finally Port Harcourt Comes Of Age

It was the love for lucre and the prospects for adventure.

To convoke that voyage and expedition of bloodletting; the impious neurosis of the worldly princes, impregnated the bacchanal debauchery of the ecclesiastical principalities. At that instance, an armada of ruthless killers was called into being; an alliance of plunderers was formed. They baptized themselves in the righteousness of a dastard voyage to murder; which was to be authored in the blood of their fellow human beings of other faith persuasions.

It was an essay of blood!

Have you ever wondered why the Spaniards, would dare to nearly genocide the Incas of South America out of existence; under the banners of our lady, on behalf of her Most Catholic Majesty, Isabella of Spain?

It was not because they wanted to share their catholic heaven with them. It was because they were bent on stealing the Gold of the Incas and plundering the continent to their hearts content; deploying their God as having given them domination over the continent.

Africa and the Pestilence of Imported Gods (Part 2)

Have you ever wondered why Allah would command his followers to kill infidels, who are of other opinions, in relation to that folklore? Have you ever wondered why Hindus and Muslims are mutually murdering each other in an episodic orgy of violence in India?

All these murders, being committed on behalf of their gods, who according to them is omnipotence himself.

Have you ever asked yourself why these gods would not come do the murders themselves? Why are they always conscripting the most psychopathological of us, to murder and slaughter the weakest among us, on behalf of a doctrine sired in primitivity and ignorance?

This is when you come to another realization.

That exactly when it dawns on you. Those Gods are our creation. They hate the same people we hate. They dread the same people we dread. They are our psychological smokescreens to justify our murder, and covetousness of our neighbor‘s wives or property.

It is only in mythologies that gods kill people. In actuality, it is human beings that kill human beings on their gods behalf. Gods are human inventions. And those who want to make their gods powerful, go and arm themselves to do battle on their gods‘ behalf. And they invent sleazy theologies to back that up.

But accursed is that society, where truth-tellers are done to death because they are unpalatable and generate maximum inconvenience for tyrannical power.

God Will Never Forgive Me If I Support Atiku–Obasanjo

So, my people; I going to give you my own truths always. They are never ever going to be palatable. You can convoke Hemlock. You can conscript rogue power. You can engage the assassins of character and peddlers of fear.

We are not bothered.

I have already died to myself; and conducted my own funeral, before coming to this advocacy. So your blackmails would not work on me. Neither would your threats.

So this page would always be open to scandalize our presumptions; question our pretensions; interrogate our indoctrinations and dogmas.

It will ask questions and question answers.

It will always challenge our claims, until every narrative or idea provides evidence for its validity.

It will continue to do this as long as we are able.

Gwazia ndi yard unu

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