For Ogoni, The Pain Never Stops: Tribute To The Two Ken Saro Wiwas -Dum Syl Aminikpo

By Ikenga Chronicles November 11, 2016

For Ogoni, The Pain Never Stops: Tribute To The Two Ken Saro Wiwas -Dum Syl Aminikpo

For some reasons, I couldn’t say anything today.

It’s November 10. Some of our own were ‘wasted’ by those that should protect them because they demanded for basic rights. Before then, we lost four amongst our best. Part of the bigger setup to keep us silent. And then, as I type, one of the key symbols of the struggle, Ken Wiwa lies covered, the mortal remains of a light that was shining so well, now dimmed.

Do I mourn the father and the other 8, or the sun darkened forever like some eclipse just as he was about spreading the light?

Sad day. Sober moments.

But the key questions remain; for Ogonis, have we learnt from our losses, or are we still driven by the urge for crumbs?
Have we realized that it will take another century to get what we lost in the 9 and 4, and now 1, albeit in different circumstances, and seen the need to be our brothers’ keeper, or are we still driven by the put him/her out to the extent that we destroy or aid elements that destroy those that would have helped raise the flag?

Have we, and are we, as young Ogonis, been challenged by the contributions of the above to the tribe and seen the need to strive towards acts that will give us names as individuals, and raise the profile of the place we call home?

There are so many questions that might probably remain as rhetorical. There are so many issues that for years will continually be shifted away from the table because they will in one way or the other affect our petty clinging to our egos, and the pathetic jiggery pokery leaning of our midget views.

It is sad. We keep losing, but never get replacements. We are killing Ogoni in installments, yet we party in the act at the tables of those that pray for our fall. Those who gleefully celebrate our demise and clink glasses with us as we revel in our foolery. They mock us. Yes! They mock us because they realize that we are giants who are unaware of our strengths. Table-toppers who kowtow to those who should consult us for every key decision.

It’s a sad day for me. On Ogoni Dream today, it’s been difficult doing any real writing except retweets. It is sad when you realize that so much sacrifice has been made, to the point of our best getting wasted yet those alive don’t seem to realize this. It is a sad day when I realize that in my capacity, I haven’t done anything reasonable enough to keep the sacrifices of these heroes alive. It is sadder, even as I see my last communication via email with Ken Wiwa.

I’m like family to the Ken Saro Wiwa family. Owens Wiwa has given me more support than I ever merited. Good man. Teacher. Counselor. One man who can give you a thousand chances for improvement. Quietly fulfilling the dreams of the fathers. May God give him the strength to gallantly keep this family together.

And I knew Ken, the son I mean, so much that I addressed him as Junior’, the same way direct family did. Even in formal conversations.

I met Junior in 2008. In September that year, at the Salamander cafe in Abuja where Zina Saro-Wiwa was presenting her movie-This Is My Africa, we had our first lengthy discussion, and we’ve continued since then. It’s sad he’s gone. Worse because we have lost more, and this pain hits harder today as I see a mail from him few weeks before he left, so soon.

We keep losing but never find replacements. Ogoni continues to be the mother who is daily wracked by the pains of loss and never the joy of gain.When will her children end the pains?


  • Mr. Aminikpo is on Twitter as @dumsyl 
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