Fire And Stunts: Trump And The Tillerson Gambit

By Ikenga Chronicles March 13, 2018

Fire And Stunts: Trump And The Tillerson Gambit

— Vitus Ozoke

BREAKING NEWS is that Donald Trump has fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Remember Rex Tillerson, the man who, even as a serving Secretary of State, recognized and called Donald Trump a fucking moron. Yea, that same Rex Tillerson. But what is actually moronic is Donald Trump thinking that he can fool the world with this stunt. The real breaking news, which Donald Trump is trying to cover up, the way he covers everything else up, are:

1. Developments in Donald Trump’s sexual relationship with the porn star, Stormy Daniel, and

2. The imminent shellacking of Trump’s candidate in today’s special congressional election in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump and his goons are doing everything to prevent the porn star from telling her story and revealing the naughty videos and pictures of Donald Trump in her possession. And don’t forget that special prosecutor Mueller and his investigative team are closing in on Donald Trump on matters of Russia , collusion, and obstruction of justice. So, ignore Donald Trump and his stunts. Keep your eyes on the ball.

One thing is very clear: Tillerson has a story to tell, and he is pissed! As Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson knows where a few of the Trump bodies are buried. Have I mentioned that he is pissed? Grab your soda and reach for your popcorn.