Finding Mr Perfect Husband (Episode 26)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 13, 2017

Finding Mr Perfect Husband (Episode 26)

The moon shone faintly overhead through a weave of branches. Imabasi stood under the guava tree, she looked around her as if seeing darkness for the first time.

He observed her with an arch smile, then she heard his voice.

A fluttering sounded in the tree branches above he led her hands and walked her to his sitting room.

He looked at her shivering, an eerie mist clung to the ground. He stood and faced her, watching as her gaze chased up to his. He kissed her succulent lips, licking her lip gloss.

A fresh gust of wind whipped against them as he hugged her tight to  himself.

Victor worried about how he was going to look into Imabasi’s eyes and tell her of her own flaws.

He caught her arms and the. whispered, “I have something to tell you. It’s very important.” He said huskily.

Imabasi lowered herself on his soft sofa and fixed a gaze on his eyes. He was shy, but he summoned courage when he realized that he was letting the love he had for her overshadow his sincere thoughts on her attitude.
“You have a terrible attitude Ima.” He said trying to hold her hands.

“You do have a smelly hair. And despite the fact that you have these flaws I love you so much, I still perceive that offensive smell on your hair.” He said.

Imabasi became shy as she put down her face. She didn’t know what to say. She held her hair and tried to perceive the ponytail, but Victor held her hands and then kissed her on the forehead. Her eyes wide, as she nodded.
“But I still love you despite these flaws.” He said, grabbing her to his body.

Pressed against the bed, Imabasi shut her eyes closed. She was ashamed of herself as she thought of what she was going to say to Victor.

“I know my hair smells.” She whispered softly. But before she could say something else, Victor had kissed her deeply.

“Ima,” he said. “I will love you forever. It doesn’t matter how terrible your hair smells, I believe if you truly love me, you will change for me. I will still kiss your hair and love you all the same.” He stood and his attention paused on her face. Lightning flashed and briefly revealed his eyes. She felt strange, as if she wanted to just vanish into the air. She felt pulse danced in her throat, she was feeling uncomfortable and wished Victor had told her of the smelly hair over the phone. She should have argued.

Something was happening between them, and she knew he felt it, too. Despite the fact that she’d talked about his smelly mouth, she wanted to kiss it and rest in her arms. But she was afraid the end of her hair my get stuck in his nose.

He dropped to one knee in front of her. She caught herself on his shoulder. She felt the heat of his body and the power of his muscles beneath her palms.

His palm brushed her calf and the intimacy of the touch nearly made her jump. The gown tugged and tore, her petticoat didn’t suffer the same fate, as it reached only to her ankles.

He had no idea where he was taking her to. But he held her and walked around the house playfully.

For an hour, all they did was play like children. The hairpins in Imabasi’s hair had fallen off one after the other, but she didn’t care when she saw them all scattered on the floor.

Dropping her on the cold terrazzo, Victor began to kiss her again.

Her hair framed the delicate lines of her jaw and sent a wave of protectiveness through him.

He observed her countenance when he began to remove her panties. When he saw the pleasantness in her eyes, he unbuttoned her brazier and threw it on the floor. Covering her with his body.

And for a moment, she felt safe in the warmness of his arms. His embrace was all she wanted.