Female Ejac…you know, & How to Do It! {Adult}

By Ikenga Chronicles December 31, 2016

In 2016, it’s okay to talk about Female Pleasure.

Female ejaculation is quite possibly the greatest undiscussed aspect of modern sexuality.

Sex is an amazing part of relationships—it truly is one of the most amazing aspects of life.

While women are built differently than men, our sensitive sexual tissues, like the G-spot and clitoris, both become hard and engorged when we are excited and ready to orgasm.

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Originally, doctors thought that female ejaculation was urine. Recently, however, they have discovered that—just like men can’t urinate when they’re aroused—neither can women.

It’s now suspected that the fluid released in a female ejaculation comes from the Skene’s glands which are located near the anterior wall of the vagina and around the lower end of the urethra [for more: see links below].

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Just like male ejaculation, the amount of fluid released varies. It can range from a teaspoon to a tablespoon depending on the woman, where she is in her cycle, and the amount of sexual stimulation she’s just experienced.

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Often when we are on the brink of orgasm, we clench our pelvic floor muscles and retract—however, if we push instead and let our bodies flow with the climax many of us may ejaculate.

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Unlike men, women don’t need to ejaculate in order to fully climax—however, ejaculation can lead to an incredibly powerful orgasm that leaves our vagina pulsating in aftershocks.

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Not every sexual encounter is the same, and sometimes we don’t know what we are fully capable of sexually until we have found someone who is a sexual match. Many of us need to feel more than just desired to fully relax and let go into the powerful current that can lead to orgasm.

Female ejaculation is not something that will likely happen during a one night stand.

READ MORE: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/08/female-ejac-you-know-how-to-do-it-adult/

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