Federal Government Should End This Interstate Lockdown And Open Up Our Schools Immediately

By Dr. Obinna Oke June 5, 2020

Federal Government Should End This Interstate Lockdown And Open Up Our Schools Immediately

Enough of trying to be politically correct. You can’t open up the most chaotic arenas such as the Mosques and Churches and markets while shutting down the more organized environments with specific less at risk population such as our schools. All age groups go to these worship centres, both the elderly and the children especially the sick people seeking healing and cure where practically none exists.

I admit that COVID-19 has both  fooled and eluded the world and has continued to do so but let’s not continue to fool ourselves. There is no prevention of spread that can be achieved now by opening worship centres and markets while shutting down schools and interstate movement. We’re simply harming the economy, suffocating the poor and worsening braindrain and making life generally unbearable for the people unnecessarily.

We’ve been more of copycats than looking inwards and making decisions based on the facts and reality of this virus in our environment. Quite frankly, we shouldn’t think that we achieved much by our preventive measures because we weren’t even proactive from the start, and up till now, what people make of the preventive approaches against COVID-19 is simply laughable; the way and manner they hand the masks, the physical distancing, the chaos at the Mosques, Churches, banks and parks and markets and all.

Even the authorities that the people look upto have failed. They hug, shake hands and exchange croaks of laughter without masks or physical distancing in the rear only to observe it when it’s time to take photos or grant press interviews. We can’t continue in this deception. We weren’t this naive when the more deadly Ebola and Lassa broke out.

COVID-19 has come to stay. It is left for individuals to carry on with their own protection. But let our children go back to school. You can’t force them to Churches and Mosques and prevent them from getting education. Religion adds no value than our schools. Too much of religion has been fuelling discord in our country along with lack of education. But look what we’ve been doing; promoting that which tears us apart and weakening that which builds us and makes us strong.

While I thank God for the yet unravelled protective factors against the virulence of COVID-19 in our environment, I urge the federal and state governments to simply lift the interstate lockdown and open up our schools and then build well-equipped hospitals where critical cases of COVID-19 can be managed. Enough of this gradual easing. It’s just a theory and has no further demonstrable impact.

No need to feel embarrassed, just do it. It’s the right thing. Thank you.