Fayose’s Love Affair With Aisha By Amako Nneji

By Ikenga Chronicles October 15, 2016

Fayose’s Love Affair With Aisha By Amako Nneji

Aisha Buhari is the most beautiful first lady on planet earth. Do you doubt it? Or are you trying to compare her beauty with her predecessor, Mama Peace? Or can you compare her charming smile, graceful look and physique to that of Oby Ezekwesili, the long time admirer of former President Olusegun Obasanjo?

One sometimes wonders what beautiful Aisha is doing with a 73 –year old man called Buhari who has suddenly reduced himself to the status of junketeer- in-Chief with the least clue about anything? Just as an aside, did anyone notice that Buhari hardly ever travel with his wife? Was that what motivated Ayodele Fayose to begin to feel he has a shot at her? Perhaps to fill the ever present void left by Baba Bubu?

Almost all of Fayose’s actions are geared towards catching the attention of Nigeria’s beauty queen; from his Chinese trip, the raising of hunters to fight Fulani herdsmen, his prediction of the mortality of the President during the elections down to the freezing of his accounts and his claim that the Bank had come to beg him. It seemed that Fayose must do everything possible to get the attention of the wife of Mr President whom he cherishes so much.

Apart from beauty though, what other quality stands Aisha out?

Besides being an entrepreneur, Aisha Buhari is equally a consummate politician. A strong believer in the project, Nigeria, Mrs Buhari showed her political sagacity with a successful fundraising dinner for all female candidates of the defunct CPC. She was honored by guests from all over the world and in various fields of endeavour. From New York to Dubai, Sokoto to Lagos and to the Creeks of the Niger Delta, Mrs Buhari pulled off an incredible crowd of successful women both in the public and private sector. Housewives and home makers were equally present and honored by this woman who spent the early years of her married life as a home maker.

All of these must have caught the attention of the very ambitious Ekiti governor.

When the consistent attack by Fayose on Buhari failed to get the attention of Aisha, the Ekiti Born Governor decided to employ a new trick. The saying ‘’ you cannot teach an old dog new trick” does not apply when it comes to the game of love. In love, you can teach an old dog one thousand and one tricks as long he hits the target.

Fayose summoned a press conference and in his baritone voice, he dropped the bombshell that sent Aisha scampering for safety.

‘’Aisha Buhari was indicted in the Halliburton scandal’’ Fayose told the press. That was the end of the press conference!

I can imagine the level of anger that must have enveloped the usually very calm and extremely beautiful wife of our favourite President, Aisha Buhari. She must have just been about to sip her lovely evening green tea when her attention would have been drawn to the statement made by her ‘’lover boy ‘’ from Ekiti.

She looked at the write up, dropped the tea and immediately walked straight to the office of her 73-year old husband who was at that time still very busy trying to understand what was happening with his Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo who seemed to be growing more gray hairs these days. Was it the pastoral anointing or the evil spirits hovering around the presidential villa, tormenting its occupants as revealed by Reuben Abati? Buhari must have been holed up in confusion when his wife barged in.

His Excellency was really not in the mood to listen to this latest distraction from the clown of Ekiti and as such asked his beautiful First Lady to just ignore. She would however not have any of it; this was one provocation too much. This amala  and stew-loving person must be taught a lesson. Aisha had decided. He cannot just continue to libel everybody all in the name of opposition politics. What exactly did she do to warrant such an unprovoked attack from the Lord of Ekiti?

Why would he drag her into this wahala? So after carefully deciding what she needed to do, she locked herself in her room, charged her phone to the fullest not wanting the battery to die as she was sending her message through Twitter.

She carefully looked at the phone, pointed it towards Ekiti making sure the message did not mistakenly go somewhere else. She goggled the Ekiti henchman not even knowing what he looked like and his bald dark face came up and with a hiss, she fired the missiles.

The message did not only go to Ekiti it landed and exploded all over the land and the effect left the Lord of Ekiti with a hunchback and tones of regret for trying to look for love in a wrong place.

Nobody knows exactly what happened behind the scene , but we woke up one morning to the news that Aisha has technically joined forces with Fayose.

Yes! The beautiful first lady, and object of Fayose’s fantasies had joined the wailing wailers club.

Aisha decried the state of affairs in the nation, and literally lambasted her husband for not being in touch with reality while threatening not to campaign for him in 2019. Like the Shakespearean Romeo, Fayose heart melted. He was ready to die in place of his newly found lover.

“I just hope Aisha Buhari won’t suffer the same fate like Safinatu Buhari… Just thinking ni ooo,”  Fayose asked his media aide, Lere Olayinka, to write, as a way of showing solidarity.

But trust Buhari not to let the Ekiti warlord have a moment of victory. From far away Germany, the General fired;

“… My wife belongs to the kitchen and my living room, and the other room’’

Fayose must have fainted!

Happy weekend

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