Fashion Stylist Pearl Chidinma Ogbulu Reveals Her Relationship Priorities

By Ikenga Chronicles September 10, 2017

Fashion Stylist Pearl Chidinma Ogbulu Reveals Her Relationship Priorities

Petrochemical engineer turned fashion stylist, Pearl Chidinma Ogbulu has told her fans what her major priority is in a relationship with any man.

In a one-on-one interview with Broadway TV, duly broadcast on YouTube, the award-winning stylist said her major priority is sex, hence, any man who cannot satisfy her in bed cannot have a relationship with her.

“I have never dated a guy that is good enough in bed.”

She added that sex in a marriage is something a woman can manage to work for her by making the husband be as good as what she can live with.

“I may have never dated a man that is good in bed but that wouldn’t stop me from dating a man who is not good in bed. I tend to love a lot if I like the man. If you are not good enough for me in bed, we are going to work towards it to make your private part a good place for us. If you have been scared to DM me because you are not good in bed, don’t worry, we are going to work at it. Don’t be sad, be happy,” she said.

But as free spirited and liberated as she seems, Pearl is not the feminist type or a sexist, she’s all woman and says nothing can make her bend.

“The truth is that what a man can do, a woman cannot do it,” she said

“I can’t propose to a man. I like to be very old school. I like my man asking me out. I want a man to open the door for me.I want a man to pour me a drink, I want him to offer me his jacket. I want a man to kiss me goodnight. I can’t take the place of a man, I need to be a woman all day all my life”, she beamed when she was asked if he could propose to a man.