Falz Explains Relationship With Parents

By Ikenga Chronicles February 4, 2018

Falz Explains Relationship With Parents

One thing stardom can do to you is to make you more independent and distanced from your loved ones. It is not a different story for lawyer turned musician, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz who said he hardly sees his parents.

His case has been made worse as his parents, the human rights activists, Barristers Femi and Funmi Falana are also popular and busy.

The ‘Soft Work’ crooner in a recent interview with RazzleDazzle said although he is working on seeing them more often, for now, due to his busy schedule, he doesn’t see them regularly;

“I don’t see my parents very often but I am trying to work on that. My incredible busy schedule prevents me from going home as often as I would like but I’m working on that; at least even if it is every week it’s still something.”

Meanwhile, the Ekiti-born star said he is very selective with the kind of artiste he collaborates with.

“I think about the style of the artiste I am going to be working with and how it will blend in with my style and I look for a common ground. I’ll think about the beat, sound and the direction we are going and the concept. So for me, I feel these are what are important.”

On plans to return to law, he said; “I won’t say that is going to happen for now. I am trying to make the right moves and to strategize. But one thing I am trying to do is to develop a practice in entertainment law. It’s an untapped area, not a lot of lawyers are operating in that field and I am in entertainment already, so that’s what I am trying to do.”