End of The Buhari Charade? A Wailing Wailer Rises In Aso Rock

By Ikenga Chronicles October 17, 2016

Immediately after the Buhari administration was inaugurated, one of his media aides, Femi Adesina coined the derogatory term “Wailing Wailers”, to describe those who criticize the president’s administration. Adesina’s efforts, far from being an innocent dig at critics, was a deep mockery of supporters of the past administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and a way of celebrating “their loss”. So the name has come to stay.

But not even Adesina would have believed at the time of the coinage that the ranks of the “Wailing Wailers” will grow to the extent that it has grown now.

President Buhari had come to power on the back of a strong media wave of support–especially social media– and they expected to continue to ride the waves. But several months after the inauguration of the administration, and none of the fantastical campaign promises had been delivered, instead the country went on a downward spiral. Consequently, many ardent supporters of Muhammadu Buhari began to realise that they were sold a lie.

The man they thought was the next best thing after Jesus Christ had turned out to be a well packaged scam sold to millions of people. In anger, many of the young social media activists who hitherto had fought to convince millions of others of Buhari’s messianic nature began to recant and join the ranks of the “Wailing Wailers” and with them, went their many disciples.

But that was not all; Buhari had made the fatal mistake of surrounding himself with clueless people, whose stock-in-trade is to lie blatantly. There was seldom any event or happening within the government that did not come with three different explanations! Nigerians suddenly began to have at least three official positions to any happening in the country! Worse still, those aides were not even trained liars! Their lies were the type that even my two year old daughter will never believe. It didn’t matter to them; they had to sell it somehow despite the fact that it affected people’s confidence in the administration.

So many people began to see the government as a government of lies, and so the ranks of the “Wailing Wailers” grew.

The ultimate blow however came last week, when snippets of the interview granted by the president’s wife, Aisha Buhari, to BBC Hausa began to emerge. In that interview, Aisha Buhari had said;

“After receiving complaints and complaints, I decided to tell him [President Buhari]. But, all the same, a lot of People are coming on their own and also collectively to tell him that things are not going the way it should”

Then came the threat;

“If it continues like this, I’m not going to be a part of any movement again…”the president’s wife fired.

The interviewer, wanted to know that she had at least talked to Mr. President about it;

“Have you told your husband about this?”

“Yes, he knows” Aisha Buhari concluded.

So with that singular act, Aisha Buhari, the wife of the president of Nigeria joined the ranks of the “Wailing Wailers”!

The victory scored by the “Wailing Wailers” by securing Aisha Buhari’s defection is enormous. More than anything else, it shows that even within his own home, the president is seen as having failed Nigerians. It is the type of judgement that should make any well-meaning president to resign, because Aisha’s action was the ultimate vote of no confidence.

But true to type, Buhari did not see this as anything worthy of evaluation so he flippantly told media people in Germany;

“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room,”

Talk of shooting oneself on the leg!

But if Buhari shot himself on the leg with those anti-women comments, his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity Garba Shehu, annihilated the entire Buhari team by coming up with the worse of all their lies. According to Mr. Shehu, the president was throwing banter when he made those comments! Haba Shehu, we are not fools!

Many times, blind supporters of President Buhari have said that those who criticize his administration do so out of the pains of Goodluck Jonathan, their favoured candidate, losing the elections. They have never for once contemplated that most of the critics do so out of genuine love for the well-being of Nigeria. Today, one may ask the question; “was Goodluck Jonathan Aisha Buhari’s favoured candidate too?”

The Buhari administration is imploding. This implosion is caused completely by its own inability to get a grip on the problems of the nation, and find a way to steer the country’s affairs well. It is not caused by the “Wailing Wailers”. In any case, the “Wailing Wailers” are proving to be the only voices of reason in the country, with the last vestiges of patriotism. And with Aisha Buhari joining the movement, a resounding vote of no confidence has been passed on the Buhari administration.

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