Emotions Come & Go: What Really Defines a Successful Relationship

By Ikenga Chronicles July 7, 2018

Emotions Come & Go: What Really Defines a Successful Relationship

–Elyane Youssef

“I’m in love,” says nearly everyone at least three times in their lifetime.

We are all quite accustomed to associating our emotions with love. Since we were young, the person with whom we experience intense emotions becomes our desired lover.

Love begins with attraction, then later manifests as feelings. We might experience actual physical reactions when we see the person “we love,” as a racing heartbeat or butterflies in our stomach—or we may feel happiness, safety, passion, and excitement.

However, is it really what we feel for the other person that defines the authenticity of our love?

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The fact is that any emotion that we experience is fleeting.We are conditioned human beings—and just like it is easy to fall in love, it is also easy to fall out of love. In other words, any emotion that we feel for our partner is prone to change according to external conditions.

We might fancy our partner when they cook us dinner, but might feel repelled when they forget to take out the trash. Then, the passion and excitement transforms into anger and resentment in the flick of a switch.

Add to that, everything that we feel right now for our partner is an emotion that we have experienced before (or will experience) with someone else. Emotions are not only momentary, they’re also repetitive.

That’s why relying on emotions to define our relationship is problematic. Yes, emotions are an integral part of love—we can’t separate them from the experience of love as a whole. However, they delineate neither the success of a relationship, nor whether a person is right for us or not

What I’m trying to say is that while it’s natural to enjoy the feelings associated with love, there’s something else we need to take into account when we’re with someone.

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