Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu’s War For Love

By Ikenga Chronicles May 10, 2020

Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu’s War For Love

— By Menkiti Onyebuchi Bernie

Many Igbo knew Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu for his commando, his bravado, his penchant spoken queens English, his aura, his oratic prowess, and his Tiger heart leading the then Eastern region to a brutal war.

Very few knew him for his soft ends, his wild ecstasy for women; for beautiful women I mean.

He was not alone, all of us love beautiful women though Ojukwu’s was special.

Given his repertoire and standing in life, he was expected to date and marry women with luxurious family tradition to complement his own family heritage, style and taste.

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Besides, Ojukwu was that special breed, not a Rottweiler, but a Poddle every woman would make a dream.

With a well drilled education at Epsom College and Oxford University, a rich parentage, dead smart, outstanding brilliance and once a high-flying officer in the army he was cut out for a kill.

No woman would turn down Ojukwu’s love sermon, aside his presence and body size oppression, he was an expert in spinning on-the-spot love poetry, and had many of them like bees on honey comb.

It was alleged when Ojukwu lived, aside his wives; competitions for his attention came from former Governor Sam Mbakwe’s daughter, renowned Barrister Onwuelo’s daughter from Nnewi among others.

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Eventually after years of sampling a good long list of beauties, he eventually chose to marry, but not without his usual pick.


Ojukwu married -in 1956- a Senior Nurse, Elizabeth Okoli from Awka town in Anambra State. She was the daughter of Nigeria’s first known Post Master General. Without a child between them, they divorced in 1958, just two years after. However it was Ojukwu’s love affair with a certain Njideka Onyekwelu that brought Ojukwu’s mad love anthem to the fore.


By parental reference Ojukwu’s second wife came handy. She was Njideka Onyekwelu, daughter of the then famous Christopher Tagbo Onyekwelu from Nawfia, Anambra State. Mr. Onyekwelu and the wife known then as Elina-Nwamama, were very popular back then in Onitsha, and were family friends to the Ojukwu’s. Ojukwu and Njideka love story began in a London tube where they met after a long time of first encounter. They had two kids in Emeka jnr (the former commissioner in Anambra State) and Okigbo.

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Njideka was Ojukwu’s wife when he was the commander of the 5th Battalion until he was appointed the governor of Eastern Region. Their happy marriage ended in separation in Ivory Coast when Ojukwu against her wish went on to marry a second wife.

She died in Onitsha in 2010.


Victoria whom Ojukwu met in his sojourn in Ivory Coast was the cause of Njideka’s anger and total.breakdown of her marriage to Ojukwu. She got married to Ojikwu until the early 1980’s. Near the same year Alhaji Shehu Shagari, the then Nigeria president granted him a state pardon.


While still very much with Victoria, Ojukwu met and began an affair with a stunning beauty, Stella Onyeador. Stella Onyeador was the daughter of Mr. Alexander Onyeador of Arochukwu, Abia State. She is the elder sister to the very learned-rich-business woman and popular socialite, late Angela Onyeador (check her out on google), and the aunt to Amarachi Nwankwo wife of renowned Nigerian football star, Kanu Nwankwo. For 10 years they shared good memories, yet ended without a clear marriage claim nor a child between them.

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They adopted one, a girl child for whom they both went to court seeking who takes custody. A court case Ojukwu later won under French laws.

Stella was the chief bridesmaid to Ojukwu’s second wife, Njideka Onyekwelu, when they got married in 1964, and both returned to Nigeria in 1982.

She was famous for her picture with Ojukwu in Ivory Coast while they walked down a garden.

In 2010, she died in her sleep in her Banana Island home in Lagos, Nigeria.


In 1989 Bianca Onoh appeared on the scene. They both wedded on the 12th November, 1994 after a prolong battle with his father-in-law, Christian Onoh.

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When Bianca won the Silverbird Beauty Pageant in 1988 it was said that Ojukwu came with flowers to warm her heart.

Such was the soft warmth of a soldier, a fierce one at that.

In the end he had four wives. What a man!