Ekweremadu And The Signs Of The Coming Resistance

By Ikenga Chronicles August 25, 2019

Ekweremadu And The Signs Of The Coming Resistance

–Chinyere Akataobi,

There was once a Local Government Chairman in my state who got tired of Nigerian ladies and preferred to bring in women from East Africa to satisfy his sexual fantasies. Before becoming chairman, he could barely afford the bare necessities of life but a few months in power had him spending his days in philistine decadence.

Today every Facebook post or public appearance by the individual is greeted with joyful chants of “LEADER, LEADER, LEADER.” You will never see a more horrible case of the oppressed being in mad love with the oppressor.

Indeed in this clime, the word leader has a new meaning and I have tried stopping myself from laughing at the situation where youths praise a man who sacrificed their future for moments of passion in between the legs of exotic beauties.

There is truly nothing wrong with an individual’s private taste but when one factors in the source of the wealth that was used for that kind of venture, one begins to wonder where we got it wrong.

For a people that have been known to deliver justice in the most jungle of ways to common thieves on the street, it has bordered on outrageous docility that our politicians who have obviously run our treasury ragged with dishonest schemes are left to enjoy their loot with startling freedom.

The attack on Ekweremadu has re-opened a conversation I have had for several years on how docile Nigerians are when their leaders are concerned.

Truly, physical assault is wrong but we barely oppose our leaders and that is why they have kept misbehaving.

I have most times put this docility to the ignorance of what proper governance should look like. That is why it seems Nigerians abroad are more hostile to our politicians than those living in Nigeria. It is simple; they have simply seen the light and have noted the huge disparity between our politicians and what is obtainable where the system works.

To make it easier, last year, Nigerian senators got new cars in the region of N30-40 million, this year the new senators will also get new cars for an amount higher than what last year’s cars were bought for.

Multiply it by 109 senators and you get a clearer picture of the problem at hand.

The reason why the health centre in the village is not working is because funds that should be used for it has been used to sponsor the vacation trips of several girlfriends of politicians.

The reason why that pothole has been regularly causing accidents and traffic gridlock is because funds meant for it have been used to buy choice properties in Abuja and in foreign countries.

On and on I can list the sad results of the travesty of our leaders and it is a no brainer that one day the poor masses will have their moment of truth. They will begin to note that those who died because of poor healthcare died because of a politician’s greed. They will note that accidents that have taken the lives of our loved ones occurred because of a politician’s greed. They will also begin to put the cause of the hunger ravaging in the land solely at the doorstep of the ruling class.

Ominously, and especially in the light of Ekweremadu’s ugly experience, some are already expressing fright.

Dino Melaye, Nigeria’s flamboyant Senator whose fleet of cars will rival that of any Hip-hop artist once declared to his colleagues about his fears for the coming days.

The current breeze of revolution blowing round the nation was spotted early by him and in his now famous words he said “I am afraid of the revenge of the poor.” For one who occasionally veers of the mark in public commentary, the moment of that declaration is arguably his finest hour.

Indeed, when the poor no longer have anything to eat, they will turn on the rich.

And in a country where the rich are more than often political leaders or product of an exclusive political process, wielders of power–both perceived and real– are walking targets.