Ego: Is Yours Driving You Towards Success or Failure?

By Ikenga Chronicles February 4, 2018

Ego: Is Yours Driving You Towards Success or Failure?

A man’s ego is one of his greatest drivers for success. He wants to do well in his career, live in a good house, drive a pricey, classy car. He is also in pursuit of a woman to marry, not just for her godliness, intelligence and character, but also for her beauty. His ego wants him to have a woman he can show off.

The same ego can also be the singular reason he fails because he wouldn’t ask for help, especially from the woman in his life.

Men don’t mind asking fellow men for help. And men being asked for help by other men don’t mind giving it. Ego calls to ego. But to ask women for help, more especially financial help, some men would rather die broke!

Guys, do you want to succeed? Then do not permit your ego to stand in your way. If you need help, and your wife can offer it, why not ask her? Don’t assume she should know. Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge. You are probably afraid she’ll rub it in your face. That’s another assumption.

I ask you again, do you want to be known as a successful man or otherwise? Then you need not allow anything stand in your way. Not even your ego.
Afterall, “…everyone who asks receives…”

  • Sola Sorinolu is a Christian educator, writer and speaker who believes strongly in the pragmatic solutions the Scripture proffers to life, family, business and career challenges. He is passionate about the extension of Christ’s influence on earth and in hearts. He can be reached through