President Buhari Is A Liar

By Ikenga Chronicles October 3, 2016

President Buhari Is A Liar

It seems that the parties to commemorate Nigeria’s 56th Independence anniversary have rolled over to a new week. Over the weekend, there were several activities to mark this, well, important occasion. Despite the fact that Nigerians are daily feeling the excruciating effects of an economy in disarray, many still managed to put on smiles and tried to smile through the fog of pains that currently blanket us. But that is who we are– a suffering-and-smiling nation.

One key constant of all Independence Day celebrations though is the annual speeches from our presidents (or heads of states during the military period).This time around though, Nigerians waited for President Buhari’s speech with mixed feelings. Not too long ago, it had come to the limelight that the president stole key elements of the speeches of Charles De Gaulle and President Barack Obama in his inauguration day and launch of “Change Begins With You” speeches respectively. So the question was; “would he steal again?” The verdict on that is not yet in.

But the verdict is already in on two key statements made by Mr. President.

First, he said in his speech: “It is known that the clean-up of the Ogoniland has started”. Well, no such thing has started! Vice President Osinbajo of course flagged off the clean-up exercise, but that was all they have done! Many Ogoni people have taken to social media to ask the president where the clean-up is taking place, because it definitely isn’t taking place in Ogoniland! So it is either Mr. President blatantly lied, or he is out of touch with what his administration is doing (or in this case, not doing).

Second point is his assertion that ” Investors from all over the world are falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria”. Mr. President, here are some statistics;

Foreign Portfolio Investment(FPI)

Q2 2015 – $2.81bn

Q1 2016- $271m

Q2 2016- $245.3m

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Q2 2015- $211.1m

Q1 2016- $174.4m

Q2 2016- 133m

Total Value of Capital Imported

Q2 2015- $2.67bn

Q1 2016- $710.9m

Q2 2016- $647.1m

Clearly, it is either those who were “falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria” were doing so in Mr. President’s dreams, or he was lying, or maybe he wasn’t given the facts. Either way, it is the responsibility of the president to be in touch with the real facts before he goes on national television to fling them about.

One thing though is clear, these lies seem to have been well concocted and blatantly told to deceive the people. If these two lies were boldly told, how many more have we been told?

It is our hope that at 56, we should begin to direct our nation to the path of honesty, transparency, fairness, equity, and justice.

Have a great week.