Editorial: Doomsday And The Rise Of The Trumpy-Christ

By Ikenga Chronicles January 30, 2017

Editorial: Doomsday And The Rise Of The Trumpy-Christ

Most people who are conversant with the concept of “doomsday”, will tell you that it is the apocalypse, a time when life as we naturally know it will be destroyed. In movies, and well, as the Bible painted it, it begins with lots of disturbances(in the form of riots, destruction of properties, etc).From there, it goes all downhill and breaks into a state of complete anarchy which eventually culminates in a destruction of the status quo.

One more thing; there is always a leader. Somebody at the helm of affairs, under whose guidance, a breakdown of law and order commences. Christians will tell you that this famed leader, is the anti-Christ.

Well, when Barack Obama was in power, and due to is liberal nature, and strong belief that human rights are for ALL humans, and thus every human, no matter where he or she is, deserves to have his/her personal rights respected(which culminated in the endorsement of LGBT rights, and of course his liberal stance on the Israeli-Palestine imbroglio), Mr. Obama was touted in most Christian circles(especially in Africa) as the anti-Christ who had come to destroy the tenets of Christianity. Obama’s crimes were that he believed that every human has the right to express himself sexually as he pleases, provided it does not violate the rights of another, and ,his belief that Palestinians are humans and thus should be attended to, bearing that in mind.

What many failed to understand then was that upholding every man’s human rights is a far cry from being the recipe for the destruction of the world. In fact, as recent events have shown, humans revolt more when they find their rights being forcibly taken away from them, such that they see no other option than to fight to the death to restore those rights. And that is where we may be headed to, as doomsday hurtles towards us.

Since the inauguration of Donald John Trump as the 45th President of the United States, one constant has marred the landscape of not only the US, but some other countries in the world–protests. In fact, some of the protests began immediately after his election. And true to his pre-election stance, Mr. Trump has continued to do things to fuel these protests. About a week into his administration, all hell has broken loose after he has issued Executive Orders restricting the entrance of Muslims into the US, completely banned the entrance of citizens from seven countries into the US, and drastically placed a cap on the entrance of refugees! Trump’s actions reveal his radical stance of “labelling people” and treating all those who fall under the label as the same. His actions grossly destroy the concept of freedom and respect for human rights–tenets on which America’s greatness ironically rest on.

What Trump seems to be unaware of is that the US is like the mother of the entire citizens of the world, and when people can no longer count on the US to uphold certain tenets that give the tiny boy in an African jungle hope, they will lose hope in the world order, and thus believe that it is now everyman for himself. That is a very dangerous trend, and the outrage that has greeted Trump’s orders has sent out clear messages of where the world is headed except if Trump applies the brakes and re-evaluates his position.

Making America great again(if she ever lost her greatness)should entail protecting the fundamental principles for which America is known. It should not entail the destruction of worldwide camaraderie, which has suddenly begun to fuel anti-America sentiments–which ultimately will make America and Americans targets. This seems on its own to be self-explanatory thus one wonders why Trump himself and his many aides have not seen this and applied caution. Have they been deliberately brainwashed, or is there another hand in play?

At the risk of sounding corny, perhaps it is all fated. Maybe Trump was destined to be here at this moment, to kick-start the beginning of an end. Perhaps he is actually the Trumpy-Christ, sent to us by the Fates to start the process of the destruction of the world as we know it.

Be that as it may, one thing is certain; if something is not urgently done to put the brakes on the current spate of upheavals being caused by the Trump administration, the end just began in America, and the world will soon come tumbling down.