Drunk In Blood: The Fraud Called “Pastor” Osinbajo

By Ikenga Chronicles June 26, 2018

—Stephen Dike

Nigeria is soaked in blood. Like literally soaked in blood. Figures show that within the first seven months of this year, over 2,000 Nigerians have been slaughtered by armed Fulani herdsmen. This is separate from the killings carried out by the deadly Boko Haram terrorists. In fact, according to reports, the number of people killed in Nigeria this year, is more than the number of deaths recorded in Syria,a country that is at war. One can thus say without fear of being mistaken,that Nigeria is at war– except that in this war, the state has armed a section and taken away the weapons of the others, thus making it more or less, a slaughtering expedition.

Yet despite this huge threat posed by the Fulani herdsmen, the Federal Government of Nigeria, of which Yemi Osinbajo is the number two man has done nothing active to arrest the situation. All citizens get are empty words like “the federal government will do everything to bring these criminals to book.” Even as the words barely leave the mouths of the hypocrites in Aso Rock, hundreds are killed and none of the “criminals” apprehended.

Senseless Killings: The Political Obituary Of Buhari’s Presidency

What is bewildering is the obvious audacity with which the herdsmen perpetrate their dastardly acts. They do not hide, but rather break down doors like children sent by their fathers to go and rob. That somehow explains why there has been no single arrest and prosecution of any herdsman. What is evident is that these Fulani killers enjoy the active support of those in high places, who seem to be in support of their agenda,and thus protect, provide for them, and guarantee them their safety.

At several instances, key figures of the Federal Government have created excuses why the herdsmen kill. From Buhari’s Minister of Defence, to Buhari himself and sometimes by the timid and double-faced Yemi Osinbajo, flimsy reasons have been dished out to explain away why the herders must unconscionable slaughter people.

Killings By Herdsmen: Understanding The Fulani Jihad

But if one can excuse Buhari, his Minister of Defence, and his Security Chiefs for defending the murderous agenda of the herdsmen, seeing as they are Fulanis and Muslims like the herders and as such must all have the same agenda, how does one excuse the one who calls himself Pastor Yemi Osinbajo?

Osinbajo, timid as ever, and ever willing to play the House boy role allotted to him by his Fulani masters has sat quiet while Christians are slaughtered all over Nigeria. And if anyone is in doubt about this being a well-planned extermination process with the active support of the Fulani oligarchy that serves as Nigeria’s leadership, a few points would clear that doubt.

Vote Buhari In 2019, Vote For Your Death

The most important of such points is that while over 2,000 persons have been slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen terrorists this year alone, there has not been one arrest and prosecution of a single one of them. Yet when five Christians in retaliation allegedly killed one Fulani herdsmen, the state apparatus quickly became active and all five have now been sentenced to death! So the state apparatus can work that fast and efficiently and yet the marauding herdsmen roam free?

Again, why is the Federal Government who swiftly sent vicious looking soldiers to take over Aba and Umuahia, in order to exterminate members of the non-violent Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), suddenly unable to take similar actions on the herdsmen who have slaughtered thousands of Nigerians?

The Fulanisation Of Nigeria And The Perfidy Of The British (Part 2)

Osinbajo must have been aware of this, yet has done nothing about it. Instead, he is content with traveling all over the country, selling lies of government achievements! Never before in the history of Christianity in Nigeria has a single Pastor told as many lies as the dwarf masquerading as a Pastor!

Again, this same Osinbajo watched, while the alleged murderers of a Redeemed Pastor were set free due to the interference of people in high places, and as usual, kept quiet in order not to raise the ire of his masters.

Many have said that Christians are fearless and live like Christ. Apparently, Yemi Osinbajo did not get the memo! For him, he would rather walk hand in hand with Buhari and his kinsmen, waddling through the blood of innocent Nigerians, in order to maintain their selfish ambitions.

Marry Muslims If You Want To Be Safe From Herdsmen–Edo State Deputy Governor

Yesterday on Twitter, somebody asked if Osinbajo’s resignation wouldn’t be the ultimate statement of protest and whip the government into action to finally protect the lives of Nigerians. Well, Osinbajo knows that his resignation will be that effective, but he will never do that. He is too timid and selfish to dare take a stand with the people as Christ would have done. He is so drunk on the blood of innocent Nigerians that the only ending that he can get is first, for nemesis to catch up with him and his family, and then, a long tortuous journey to the hottest part of hell.

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