Don’t Ever Insulate Your Children From Your Challenges

By Ikenga Chronicles April 1, 2018

Don’t Ever Insulate Your Children From Your Challenges

Sola Sorinolu

When you have a financial challenge and your children are requesting something you know they need, don’t just dismiss them. You have been presented with a golden opportunity to introduce them to the God that provides!

Ask them to join you in prayers for the provision of that need. Create a time in the family for yourself and the children to come together. Make that financial challenge a petition to the Lord. Be deliberate about this. When that prayer becomes answered, share the testimony with your children in thanksgiving.

The same goes for health, accommodation, career or any other challenge you may have.When you do this, the followings are achieved:

• You start developing their faith
• They begin to know God experientially
• They become active participants in your God-knowledge process
• They start to chart their own spiritual path especially as regards petitioning God when in need.

May your children never come to a point in their lives when they begin to say about God…”And where are all His miracles which our fathers told us about…” Judges 6:13.

It’s your duty as a Christian parent to ensure that doesn’t happen! A way to ensure that is not to insulate them from your challenges.


  • Sola Sorinolu is a Christian educator whose overriding desire is the extension of Christ’s influence in hearts and on the earth. He can be reached via