Don’t Blame Professor’s Claim On Covid-19, Blame The Media

By Simbo Olorunfemi July 8, 2020

Don’t Blame Professor’s Claim On Covid-19, Blame The Media

I understand there is some consternation, shock to Premium Times, at the claim by a Nigerian “Professor of Genetics” that Covid-19 does not exist. I hear he made the claim on a programme on Channels TV this morning. Premium Times says he “shocked his interviewers when he argued that the virus does not exist as there has been no known evidence to prove its existence.”

I am shocked that the interviewers were shocked. If they truly were, it must mean they had not done the necessary spadework before the interview.

The first I heard of this “Professor of Genetics” was in June, 2018 on the occasion of the World Sickle Cell day. He was a guest on the TVC programme – Your View. On that occasion, it was more of outrage at his body language and the callousness of his words that day -“Investing in a sickle celled child is like loading your money into a sachet and you are in a moving car, you throw the money away.” The interviewers were as shocked as the audience, one calling in to express outrage at the ‘Professor’s’ words. But he refused to take his words back, continuing to carry on with disrespect for the feelings of those he had obviously hurt with his words.

Now, you ask me, how did he even make it to the couch as a guest on the programme? I tell you, a guest hardly makes it into the studio without someone having an idea of who he is or what he has to say. This man could not have shown up in Lagos, all the way from Delta State, without those who brought him having an idea of who he is and what he has to say. They sure knew about his ‘unconventional’ views. I find it difficult to believe that TVC could not find anyone to speak on Sickle Cell in Lagos and had to go all the way to Delta to get a guest. That Prof Olu Akinyanju, founder of the Sickle Cell Foundation had to be brought in the following week suggests some people recognised the harm that was done.

Between then and now, this ‘Professor’ of Genetics and Animal Breeding has been reported by the media, especially Vanguard. In April this year, he was reported by same Vanguard to have revealed treatment drugs for Covid-19. listing out 4 “chelation agent-based drugs”, that being his “personal attempt to save the human race from a viral pandemic..” How it is that the same virus he prescribed treatment for is no longer in existence must be one one wonder that only this Professor can explain.

The Professor was reported to have said -“You say that it is real, then show it to us that it is real. If you bring it outside, then we set a flat table and all the scientists are there, the reagents and the camera is before everybody. Then let’s see what COVID-19 is, whether it exists. I have asked severally, let them bring somebody that is positive to COVID-19 and someone that died from COVID-19, carry out an autopsy on the dead body, show me exactly what you are calling COVID-19 inside the body or the positive person of COVID-19.”

It is interesting that though the Professor has been in the ‘limelight’ for a while now, there is little information about his educational history. The Professor claimed that those who don’t like him might have been deleting his publications from the Internet, reason why it is difficult to find his footprints in scholarship. It just might be over-active enemies at work.

All we have been told is that Professor is a Professor and/or Senior Lecturer at a private university in Delta. There is nothing to suggest that he is not a Professor and Senior Lecturer, as unusual as that is. It would be great if we can read more about the background of this genius.

The quality of the people the media elects to project is a sad reflection on the state of the media. We cannot blame Professor, the blame ought to go the media. There is a list of “Professors” with questionable claims to the title, foisted on Nigerians by our unquestioning media. Nothing suggests though that this Professor is not a Professor.