Donald Trump: Error Of History Has Ended In America

By Ikenga Chronicles January 20, 2021

— Joe Igbokwe

One man can turn a bush into a nation and one man can also turn a nation into a bush. The outgoing President Donald Trump tried in no uncertain terms to destroy what the founding Fathers of America build for nearly 300 yrs. He came to power in 2017 with the mantra ‘AMERICA FIRST’ and in 4 years he almost crushed and rendered nugatory all the things

America built, stood for and fought for in nearly 300yrs. He declared war on immigrants, separated Parents and Children, he abused and cursed his political enemies, refused to recognize the American tradition of being a land of freedom, justice, equity and fair play. Just like Achan and Saul in the Bible whose actions and deeds brought disaster and deaths to their families, Donald Trump went against everything that made America the greatest nation on earth and at once through outright wickedness and hate put the American democracy in danger. He instigated the criminal invasion of the Capitol Hill because he lost an election he was bound and destined to lose due to his ugly character, arrogance, recklessness, political stupidity, racism, abuse of power and privileges, selfish sense of superiority ,etc. He completely turned upside down the great American tradition of being their brothers keeper and the gate keeper of the world. Trump ignored the early warnings about COVID-19 PANDEMIC that has claimed millions of lives in the God’s own country. He thought it was mere politics and it back fired in no uncertain terms.

History tells me that the early 17th Century witnessed the beginning of a great migration from Europe to North America spanning more than three hundred years. This movement grew from a trickle of a few hundred English Colonists to a flood-tide of newcomers numbering millions. They left the homeland for greater economic opportunities, an urge frequently reinforced by the yearning for religious freedom and a determination to free from the political oppression of England’s Charles 1. During the six-to-twelve-week voyage they lived on meagre rations. Many died of disease; ships were often battered by storms, and some were lost at sea.

I read from Lee Iaccoca also that except the American Indians other Americans are all immigrants or Children of immigrants . You have the European Americans, Latinos, The Jewish Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans etc. Lee Iaccoca said “ the Italians brought more to America than Pizza and Spaghetti. The Jews brought more than Bagels. The Germans brought more than Knockwurst and beer. All the ethnic groups brought their culture, their music, their literature. They melted into the American pot but somehow they managed to keep their cultures intact as each rubbed off the other.” At the Constitutional Conference held in Philadelphia 1787 Thomas Jefferson stated that “Every man and everybody of men on earth possess the right to self-determination”

Hitlers Germany aspired to rule the world. More than 18 countries were conquered in Europe and beyond. Even the non aggression pact signed with Russia could not prevent the over ambitious Hitler’s from invading Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Tanks were mobilized. With everything in place , Hitler gave his Commanders the order to take on Russia. German soldiers occupied almost 80% of Russian territory. But the Russia winter struck the Germans and they could not advance further. German Soldiers died in hundreds of thousands as a result of snow.

To make matters worse the Russian soldiers surrounded the remaining German fighters in their soil. When Hitler was told the sad news, he admonished German Commanders to fight to finish. Out of 280,000 Soldiers that went into Russia soil less than 5000 soldiers returned alive.

The Germans lost 60,000 Vehicles, 1500 tanks, and 6000 guns. When the pathetic news filtered into Germany morale collapsed . The famed German war machines crumbled. For the genocide meted out to the Jews and other atrocities committed against humanity , the Germans are still paying billions as compensation to the victims. Today the German soil is still being occupied by the Allied Forces led by the United States. Germany was divided into East and West after the war but the two are now back to one Germany. Germany did not only surrender to superior fire power of the Allied Forces , all the factory machines , all the weapons , all the planes, the cars , the trucks etc where dismantled and shipped to the victors. The only thing spared were tarred roads. Whatever Germany lost, the world gained.

When the German war machines crumbled in 1945 at the end of World War 11 many historians did not know how Adolph Hitler managed to come up in the first place. As A J P Taylor puts it: “The real problem of German history is why so few of the educated recognized Hitler as an embodiment of evil” The blame was put squarely on the inability of the German political class and the elites to rise up to the challenges of Hitler and his collaborators. The consequences of their inability to call a spade a spade resulted in the deaths of 20 million people and destruction of property worth several billions of dollars.

In the case of America did the intelligentsia and the political class in God’s own Country keep quiet in the face of Donald Trump’s unparalleled brigandage, racism, bigotry, hate, wickedness, abuse of office and political stupidity? No sir. America’s intelligentsia and deep political class both Democrats, Republicans, former Presidents, the press and senior citizens stood up in tandem, in one voice, in unity, in amity, in concord, and denied him Second Term in office. Trump has been impeached two times in four years by the House of Representatives to send the signal that America has a tradition, institutions of democracy, a gamut of security networks that know how to defend the systems and traditions.

Today a brand new President, Joe Biden will take the center stage to begin to clear the Augean Stable Trump left behind. I appreciate the great men and women who stood up to Trump’s unacceptable behavior in one of the world oldest democracy. Lesson: Evil triumph when good men do nothing. Welcome to the new America powered by Joe Biden.

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