Divine Perspective Versus Human Perspective

By Ikenga Chronicles July 22, 2018

Divine Perspective Versus Human Perspective

–Sola Sorinolu

God gave Noah a brief. The brief was for Noah to make an ark because God wanted to destroy the then known world due to its wicked ways. Noah took 120 years to make the ark and could only convince seven other people to enter the ark with him!

I mean which marketer or sales person would be considered successful for making seven sales after 120 years of probable aggressive marketing or sales pitches?

But from God’s perspective, Noah was on point! God didn’t intend for him to save the world, God intended for him to save himself!

 Much More Than Love

“…Make YOURSELF an ark…” Gen.6:14.

If you were God, would you have chosen the Messiah to come from a family whose matrilineal lineage was notable for questionable characters?

Tamar(deceived and slept with the father-in-law to bear children).
Rahab(a prostitute).
Ruth(a foreigner who doesn’t carry the covenant).
Bathsheba(an adulterer who married the man that killed her husband).

But God was not ashamed to be identified with them!

 Develop Your Core Competence

Your past may be ignoble. Your history may be contemptible. But that is exactly what God needs to achieve His purpose and intents in your life!

God doesn’t see as man sees. The verdict or opinion of men cannot be the final authority over you!


  • Sola Sorinolu is a Christian educator, writer and speaker who believes strongly in the pragmatic solutions the Scripture proffers to life, family, business and career challenges. He is passionate about the extension of Christ’s influence on earth and in hearts. He can be reached through sorinolusola@gmail.com