The Difference Between Me And Those Who Elected Me — Buhari

By Ikenga Chronicles November 7, 2017

The Difference Between Me And Those Who Elected Me — Buhari

It makes for interesting reading to go back from time to time to most of the statements made by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, before he was finally elected the President of the country. Everytime one does that, one is hit by migraine-inducing confusion.

The confusion does not come from the President’s poor diction. Rather it is one that comes from the difficulty in reconciling those saintly statements with the actions of the man, now that he is President.

For instance, prior to being elected(just a few months before the elections), Saint Buhari had spoken in London in a contempt-laden voice of the waste that is the stock in trade of the Nigerian government. He had pointed out that the office of the Nigerian President is one characterised by ostentatious living and unnecessary waste in the midst of so much poverty. Mr. Buhari had queried the need to have more than one aircraft for the Presidency, and wondered why the President cannot travel through public airlines like the citizens. That was when that infamous line captured in the title above was born. Buhari had gone ahead to promise that if elected, some of the aircraft that make up the Presidential fleet will be used to revive Nigeria airways.

In a similar vein, Mr. President had also asked why public officials would have to get their treatments abroad at huge costs to the nation. That, with the further promise of immediately strengthening the economy by “blocking avenues of waste” , and providing for the poor, were all statements that easily endeared him to people.

He went one further and promised complete “devolution of powers”(the re-structuring that he is now shying away from) in order to strengthen the regions/states and make for improvement in development.

Fast-forward to today, and it is difficult to equate these utopian statements to the man. Nigerians suddenly realise that they have probably been duped.

Smartly though, the Presidency has found a way to deny that those statements were made by Buhari, even with the overwhelming records available. It was as if the people, even though sure of what they heard, had somehow misheard the man, and attributed words to different sounds that emanated from his mouth.

But it did not end there, the saintly man’s administration is also littered with several instances of expressions which they describe as being “misunderstood” by the people. What one may hazard then is that there must be something that makes it difficult for people to appropriately apprehend what Buhari and his cohorts say. That of course does not sound too plausible.

What seems to sound very plausible is that having finally been elected President, Buhari’s perennial dream was realised. Then he suddenly became aware that in truth, he is special and different from the masses who elected him.He realised that he is the Lion, and they, the sheep. The difference between him and them rests also on the fact that he alone is smart, and all the others dumb fools who can be manipulated. The difference between Buhari and those who elected him is that he is the President(with all the powers and trappings that come with it) and they are, well, ordinary subjects.