Details Emerge On The Historic Meeting Between Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un

By Ikenga Chronicles June 12, 2018

Details Emerge On The Historic Meeting Between Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un

US President, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, signed what the American president called a “comprehensive document.” Mr. Trump indicated that a process of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula could begin “very quickly.”

The meeting between the two men in Singapore was the first of its kind between a sitting American president and a leader of North Korea, and opened the door ending seven decades of hostility and the threat of a nuclear confrontation.

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“We had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind,” Mr. Kim said as they signed a document. The contents of the document were not immediately distributed.

At stake in the meeting is the American goal of ridding North Korea of its nuclear arsenal, Mr. Kim’s desire to remove American weapons from the Korean Peninsula and to be recognized as a player on the world stage, and the international desire to ease the North’s provocations, poverty and extreme isolation.

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Here’s what has happened so far:

• The two leaders first met privately for less than an hour in a get-to-know-you session before breaking off for a larger meeting and then a working lunch with aides, searching for areas of agreement on issues that have eluded consensus for decades.

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• After lunch, the two leaders took a stroll and briefly addressed the news media as they headed to a signing ceremony. Mr. Trump said the meeting is “going great. We had a really fantastic meeting.” Mr. Trump gave Mr. Kim a rare view inside his presidential limousine, nicknamed the Beast.

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•Shortly after 9 a.m. local time, Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim walked toward each other and shook hands before the president put his hand on Mr. Kim’s shoulder before a bevy of cameras capturing the historic moment. They then went into their private meeting with only interpreters present, emerging less than an hour later for a second gathering.