Dear Valentine (Flash Fiction)

By Ikenga Chronicles February 2, 2018

Dear Valentine (Flash Fiction)

A sudden girlish giggle spilled out from Sam’s living room, followed by a masculine chuckle. The lady honestly sounded so excited. They were having a romantic conversation I guess.

I took my phone from my handbag and dialled his number again. He bounced my call as usual, he’d been doing this since a few days to Valentine. He’d told me before then that he would be busy at work. I asked Teye my driver to take me down to his office, and his secretary said he’d closed since 12pm.

I went back to the office and worked all day, waiting patiently for him to call, but he didn’t. After a stressful work day, I’d dropped by the perfume shop to get him his favorite perfume for Valentine, and then branched by the winery to buy a red wine.

I held the wine and the perfume firmly in a bag, as I hung up the phone and headed towards the sitting room, ready with a smile for my lover and his guest.

My eyes bewildered, they were both naked, lying on the long couch. He didn’t panic when he saw me, he only covered the fair lady whose butt was almost visible.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming,” Sam said.

I began in a modulated low tone. “I have the house key, I wanted to…” I stammered.

“It doesn’t matter if you have the house key, you should have told me you were coming,” he said.

“But you weren’t picking my calls!”

“You should have waited until I called back. You don’t walk into people’s privacy that way,” he said angrily.

“People?” I asked. “You’re now people?”

“Listen Sifon…”

“Hold on Sam. You’re cheating on me. I just walked in and caught you naked in the arms of a woman. And now you’re saying all of these things to me.”

“I am his fiancée. Leave please, don’t spoil tonight for us,” the lady with a girlish voice said boldly to me.

A fierce, hot urge to beat the hell out of that lady with my bare hands engulfed me.

“Please leave!” She shouted.

Sam glanced at his new lady, a realization dawning inside him. But before he could say any other word,
I threw his house keys at him and walked away with the perfume and the red wine.

I was never going to leave a perfume worth fifty-four thousand naira to an undeserving scumbag. The night was for lovers and not for scumbags like Sam.


“Take me home right now,” I said bitterly to Teye.

He gave me a bewildered stare. “Ma, you’re suppose to be at the back seat.”

“This is my official car, I can decide to sit anywhere,” I said, forcing the red wine open and gulping it down my throat hurriedly. “I caught him with someone else,” I said weakly, as I broke the long silence.

Teye had started driving, then he suddenly paused when he got to the end of the street and parked by a corner.

“Then he is not worth you. You’re supposed to be in the arms of a man who would cherish you. You’re a kind and beautiful woman.”

I stroked his soft beards in gratitude.

I had started becoming tipsy. For a millionth time, I tried not to imagine what had happened at Sam’s place.

Teye startled me by putting his cold hands on mine. He uttered something soft, I didn’t hear him clearly, but I saw his lips move.

He’d always been a handsome tall man. But I didn’t have any interest in him since he was just my driver. He’d once told me that he was a graduate of Philosophy, and that he took up the job of being my personal driver because he was tired of staying at home and seeking for a better job.

“I am in love with you Sifon,” he said, as a hard look came over his features. He was bold enough to call me by my real name, and he didn’t care about how I was going to feel.

“I have been in love with you since the first day I realized you existed. I knew you long before I came to work for you, I had to take up this job so that I would be closer to you.”

Nerves played havoc with my stomach. “Who are you?” I asked. My eyes became clear as I saw his cute oval face more clearly.

“I came to work for you because I am in love with you. It’s not like I needed this job at all. I have a business I do.”

He looked directly at me. My stomach gave a strange little flip. He held me captive with the intensity behind his words.

“Sam isn’t your right man,” he said softly, holding my face with his both hands.

“Who then is the right man?” I asked looking into his eye balls like I was reading something in there.

“Me. I am your right man. I deserve you, and you deserve me,” he said softly.

I wanted to weep, I wanted to fly at him in rage. I wanted to sip more of that wine and erase every memory of that Valentine’s night. Instead, my dazed brain let him kiss me on my cheeks and fold me into his arms. If he had released his tight hold even for a second, I would have drawn him firmly back into my arms, so that the nice scent of his masculine perfume would cling to me all through.

My skin prickled as he held my hands again. I thought I heard him whisper. Unconsciously, I lifted my chin to his, and we kissed passionately.

He held my two hands while we kissed in the middle of the dark street, just the both of us. Our bodies touched. He lifted my chin with a knuckle, slanting his mouth over mine again. Hormones kicked to life with reckless abandon as the world spun away. The thoughts of Sam vanished in a single and unexpected twist. He deepened the kiss, drawing my body snugly against his own in a fit so natural, so perfect, I couldn’t think of anything but how much I wanted him.

And that Valentine night became forever green in my heart, just like an emerald.

®Vicky Bon