Dear Lover, Let’s Make A Plan For Love

By Ikenga Chronicles July 14, 2018

Dear Lover, Let’s Make A Plan For Love

While spontaneity can sweeten the mundane, there is just something about a man who may not have planned to fall in love with me, but now finds himself wanting to plan a life with me.

I understand that saying “plan” implies some certainty, but life may or may not allow these plans to occur—because, well, that’s how life is sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that it’s futile to create a map of our future together.

See, I suppose there’s just something about a man who wants to plan with me—something about a man who sees me in his handful of tomorrows and knows that it doesn’t matter what may occur, as long as I am the one he hopes will be beside him.

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There is a sexiness in planning—in hearing “I’ll pick you up at seven…be dressed for anything”—or in dreaming together about what the years might bring, if only to have it become the scaffolding of reality. I understand that I may have been accidental—that you never planned for me, so how could we plan for a life together? But as a woman who feels her value down to the tips of her bare toes, I need to know that the man I am investing in truly understands my worth.

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Let’s dream under the stars together and then fit them into our corners. Let’s imagine how our love will change us and all the adventures we could go on together. Let’s plan—not to end bitterly on some day when I turn and leave after begging you for the only thing I really needed, but that you seemed never able or willing to give….