Dear Abike Dabiri And Buhari, Return Us To “Bottomless Pit” Nigeria

By Ikenga Chronicles July 2, 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on Foreigns Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa has recently found herself in the news a lot. If she is not laying curses on a Presidential aspirant, she would be seen making utterances that display a high and nauseating level of sycophancy.The latter should be totally understandable, considering that the only qualifications for one to serve under President Buhari is to be properly versed in telling of lies, sycophancy, raining of insults, and gross incompetence.

One of such unguarded comments was her recent tweet about how hard the Buhari administration is working to make Nigeria better, considering, as she would say, “the bottomless pit” Nigeria was thrown into by past administrations! In the tweet, Dabiri-Erewa, sycophantic as ever said;

“We found ourselves in a bottomless pit more or less. APC under PMB trying to build a solid foundation that will bring sustained progress, that will eventually take us to the top of the mountain.”

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The problem with people like Abike Dabiri is that they believe that Nigerians are foolish and have erasable memories. But they are mistaken! She was quickly reminded however that Nigerians are not stupid by Joyce Odukoya, who tweeted the following;

“‘Bottomless pit’ Nigeria:
Rice = N8,500
Fuel = N95
Unemployment – 8.5%
Dollars = N220
Inflation = 8.9%

‘Solid Foundation’ Nigeria:
Rice = N17,000
Fuel = N145
Unemployment – 18.8%
Dollars = N363
Inflation = 11.61%”

How a government will overlook such stats and still continue to claim that it is doing better is beyond human comprehension.

While Dabiri and her ilks will like to confuse people into believing that the collapse of Nigeria’s economic system under Buhari was as a result of the decay of the PDP era, they have never been able to explain why the results became manifest immediately the clueless Buhari took over!

Within six months after Buhari came to power, Nigeria’s economy collapsed and since then, it has not recovered!

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While they can blame past administrations all they want, what is factual is that the collapse was entirely borne out of the failure of the Buhari government to put in place a proactive economic plan to check an imminent collapse. Six months! That was how long it took Buhari to even form a cabinet! And within those six months, the Nigerian economy tumbled into the toilets!Those were important six months during which a good framework would have put in place to ensure that the economy did not slip into recession(as Yar’adua did immediately he came into power).But no, Buhari was busy touring the world while the economy crashed. Why would he bother? After all, he came prepared with the “blame PDP card”!

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It is all good for Abike to try and protect the source of her daily bread, but the overwhelming majority of Nigerians have seen through the inability of this government to get anything right. At this moment, many are asking that they be returned to the pre-May 2015 Nigeria.

If that is the “bottomless pit” Nigeria, then it is best that Nigeria be returned to that place, after all, life was better there!

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